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Hatecoil Spirit

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MobHatecoil Spirit
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Gender Female
Race Naga (Elemental)
Level 110
Health 5,410,840
Mana 266,554
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Hatecoil
Location Azsuna
Status Killable

Hatecoil Spirit is a naga spirit located in Azsuna. She is summoned by Hatecoil Spearhead. She uses water and frost abilities.

Once killed, the water around her can be fished for  [Fragmented Enchantment].


  • Aqua Spout - Causes water to violently erupt beneath the feet of enemies, inflicting 0 Frost damage and knocking them into the air.
  • Freeze - Blasts enemies in a 0 yard radius with frost, freezing them in place for up to 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.
  • Polymorph: Fish - Transform an enemy into a fish, forcing it to flop around uselessly for up to 8 sec.
  • Water Bolt - Hurls a watery bolt at an enemy, inflicting moderate Frost damage.
  • Water Jet - Channels a jet of icy water at the target, slowing the target by 0% and dealing Frost damage to the target over 4 sec.

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