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Hazza'rah (Classic)

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For the modern version, see Hazza'rah.
Image of Hazza'rah
Gender Male
Race Ghost (Undead)
Level ?? Boss
Health 260,000
Mana 5,240
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Edge of Madness, Zul'Gurub
Status Killable

Hazza'rah is troll turned ghost and is one of several bosses which can spawn during the Edge of Madness event within Zul'Gurub.


Hazza'rah is an undead type boss. His abilities of note include a chain mana drain, illusion summoning, and an area of effect sleep. He has an extremely small (approx. 5000) mana pool for a boss.

  • Mana Burn: Hazza'rah casts an AoE mana burn. This appears to chain through raid members. He cannot use this attack if he has no mana himself.
  • Illusions: Hazza'rah periodically summons three illusions. These can look like a felguard, an abomination, a giant lasher, or a devilsaur. Each spawns targeting a member of the raid and will attack that person unless intercepted or killed. These illusions deal physical attacks that hit for approximately 5000 damage before armor mitigation. Illusions are immune to area of effect attacks, but they only have 500 health.
  • Mass Sleep: Another periodic attack on the raid, Hazza'rah puts all opponents within range to sleep. This combined with the damage from the illusions can get messy.


  • Have warlocks [Drain Mana] and a hunter [Viper Sting] from the start of the fight. Keeping viper sting on him for the duration of the encounter to keep him at zero mana will reduce or prevent his mana burn attack.
  • The Illusions should be dealt with quickly, because they will kill most players in a single attack. A single Multishot or [Fire Blast] will kill an illusion, so a minimum of three hunters or mages can be assigned to neutralize illusions entirely. Assigning more players to attack illusions as they spawn will reduce the likelihood that an individual is targeted and eliminated. Stoneclaw Totems are effective to buy extra time. Since the illusions are undead, [Exorcism] can also be used to kill them quickly.
  • Tremor Totems and [Divine Shield] will break the sleep effect. Hazzrah's attacks will break the sleep on the tank, who should also use healthstones or potions if needed. Having Heal Over Time spells active during sleeps minimizes this threat. Illusions will attack sleeping players and the only major complication to this fight is when these abilities happen in rapid succession.
  • Because of the mana drain, it is best to keep DPS on Hazza'rah high, as healers may have trouble with mana.


Inv sword 01.png [Fiery Retributer] Inv wand 05.png [Thoughtblighter]
Inv misc bandage 16.png [Hazza'rah's Dream Thread]

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