Hazzali Swarmer

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MobHazzali Swarmer
Image of Hazzali Swarmer
Race Silithid scarab (Beast)
Level 46 - 47
Health 1,990
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Gaping Chasm, Tanaris
Pet family Beetle

Hazzali Swarmers are hostile level 46-47 silithid scarabs found in The Gaping Chasm in Tanaris. They are usually accompanied by a level 46-47 Silithid Swarm.

Objectives of


One swarmer is found behind the portal of the entrance to the Black Morass, dropping in from the ceiling, it is unknown if this is a game bug or intended. Because in the game world the Gaping Chasm is above the Caverns of Time, it is likely a bug.

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