Healing in a Flash

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HordeHealing in a Flash
Start Seer Ravenfeather
End Seer Ravenfeather
Level 3 (Requires 3)
Category Priest
Experience 130
Reputation +75 Thunder Bluff
Previous  [Hallowed Note]


Learn [Flash Heal] from Seer Ravenfeather. Practice using Flash Heal 5 times on Wounded Braves in Camp Narache.

  • Heal Wounded Brave (5)


I want to teach you a versatile and quick healing technique, <name>. This heal is one you will find yourself using often.

There is no lack of braves injured in our battles against the Bristlebacks, so you'll have a chance to put your new knowledge to use right away. Practice your new healing technique on the wounded braves around Camp Narache.


Thank you for your help in seeing to the wounded braves. I'm sure that you will often find your healing skills in demand. Return to me when you need further instruction.


  1. H [1 - 60] The First Step
  2. H [2 - 60] Rite of Strength
  3. H [2 - 60] Our Tribe, Imprisoned
  4. H [2 - 60] Go to Adana
  5. H [3] Rite of Courage / H [3] Stop the Thorncallers
  6. H [4] The Battleboars / H [4] Feed of Evil
  7. H [5] Rite of Honor
  8. H [5] Last Rites, First Rites
  9. H [5] Rites of the Earthmother
  10. H [5] Rite of the Winds (to Bloodhoof Village)

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