Healthstones (pre 4.0.1)

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For the post-4.0.1 version of Healthstones, see  [Healthstone].

A Healthstone, or "cookie", is a conjured item created by a warlock using the [Create Healthstone] spell and a Soul Shard; it can be traded to another player and heals the player for a certain amount of damage when consumed. As a conjured item, healthstones are lost when a player logs out for more than 15 minutes. Healthstones are especially useful as they are on a separate cooldown from healing potions and Mana Gems.

Healthstone Mana Cost Level Learned Amount Healed Level Required
 [Healthstone][1][2] 95 10 100 1
 [Lesser Healthstone][1][2] 240 22 250 12
 [Healthstone][1][2] 475 34 500 24
 [Greater Healthstone][1][2] 750 46 800 36
 [Major Healthstone][1][2] 1120 58 1200 48
 [Master Healthstone][1][2] 53% 68 2080 60
 [Demonic Healthstone][1][2] 53% 73 3500 63
 [Fel Healthstone][1][2] 53% 79 4280 69
1 Version with [Improved Healthstone] rank 1.       2 Version with [Improved Healthstone] rank 2.


Warlocks can spend 1 or 2 talent points in the demonology tree to increase the healing power by 10% or 20% respectively. Before patch 3.0.2, Stones created by Warlocks of zero, one, or two points invested in [Improved Healthstone] were all considered different items, even though they looked the same. For example, it was possible to carry three different types of Major Healthstones: [Major Healthstone], [Major Healthstone] Improved 1, and [Major Healthstone] Improved 2. However, the Echoes of Doom Patch nerfed this ability, and now Healthstones in General are unique items, no matter the Ranks of Improved Healthstone the Warlock had.

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