Healthy Dragon Scale (quest)

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NeutralHealthy Dragon Scale
Start  [Healthy Dragon Scale]
End Betina Bigglezink
Level 58 (Requires 55)
Type Dungeon
Category Western Plaguelands
Experience 550
Reputation +150 Argent Dawn


Bring the Healthy Dragon Scale to Betina Bigglezink at the Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands.


This is a scale shed from a plagued dragon hatchling. But unlike the other pocked, oozing scales on the infant beast, this rare scale is healthy and unmarred.

Betina Bigglezink will want a sample of this to study.


<name>, do you have something to show me?


Excellent! This will be invaluable in my continued studies of the machinations of the Scourge. Thank you, <name>, and if you find more of these scales please bring them to me!



This quest is repeatable for additional reputation.

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