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Heart of Azeroth

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For the shaman Order Hall, see Heart of Azeroth (Class Hall).

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The Heart of Azeroth is an artifact medallion, entrusted to only the worthiest of heroes by Magni Bronzebeard, as a gift from Azeroth herself to the world's protectors. The Heart can absorb Azerite, the very essence of the world-soul which bleeds through the planet's surface, and heal the nascent titan through it. The Heart also empowers its bearer's weapons and armor and grants them new abilities. The helm, shoulders, and chest can unlock special bonuses from this.[1]


This item is a quest reward from N [110 - 120] The Heart of Azeroth, which is part of the Battle for Azeroth intro experience.


The Heart of Azeroth and Azerite Armor have a unique icon and tooltip frame, using an Azerite color theme.


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