Hearthminder Digao

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NeutralHearthminder Digao
Image of Hearthminder Digao
Title <Yaungolian Noodles>
Gender Male
Race Yaungol (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 11,494
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Celestial Court, Timeless Isle
Status Alive

Hearthminder Digao is a yaungol noodle vendor found at the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle as well as in the Celestial Tournament scenario.


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  • FEAST LIKE A CHIEFTAIN! Yaungolian noodles!

Vendor information

Relevant items
Inv drink milk 01.png [Pearl Milk Tea]
2g 60s
Inv misc cookednoodles.png [Spicy Mushan Noodles]
2g 60s
Inv drink 25 honeytea.png [Timeless Tea]
2g 60s


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