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For the digital card game, see Hearthstone (game).

  • Hearthstone
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Returns you to <home location>. Speak to an Innkeeper in a different place to change your home location.
A hearthstone in the TCG.

A hearthstone is an enchanted stone that can teleport the wielder to the location it is bound to, such as an inn. All characters receive a Hearthstone upon creation that returns them to their starting area. Asking an innkeeper to "make this inn your home" will set that as your new home location. Should the player destroy their hearthstone, they can recreate one by simply speaking to an innkeeper.


Hearthstones are very rare objects. King Varian believed them to be only a legend, calling them "things heard only in stories concerning magi... or elves." A hearthstone owned by the night elf ambassador to Stormwind was coveted by Tyrande Whisperwind, Broll Bearmantle, and Thura. They intended to use it to return to Darnassus when Stormwind was attacked by the Emerald Nightmare. In the end, the group was ambushed and only Broll made it back.[1]

Jaina Proudmoore gave Anduin Wrynn a hearthstone she had arranged to be created for him, bound to Jaina's tower in Theramore so that he could get away whenever his father was in one of his "Lo'Gosh moods". Jaina stated that such an object was rather rare. She explained that it would bring Anduin straight to her hearth, and that the rune on the stone means "home". They also have runes that refer to the location they are set to - in this case, Jaina's name. Anduin assumed that it was purely magical, which Jaina confirmed. As it was apparently bound to her, she instructed him to hold it tightly in his hand and focus, to "take the stone into himself" and make it his. As she placed her hand over his, a faint blue light lined both their hands. Anduin concentrated, and Jaina could feel the binding of the stone shift from her to him.[2] Anduin would eventually use the hearthstone to escape Ironforge when it fell under the control of the Dark Iron clan.[3]

Both the Alliance and Horde have lent hearthstones to heroes to allow speedy relocation to areas in need of help.[4][5] Such an adventurer found in Tanaan Jungle wrote in his journal out how he planned to kill ravagers and stockpile their hides before hearthing back to Ashran.[6]

The paladin Gidwin Goldbraids lended an adventurer [his hearthstone] so that they could return to Light's Hope Chapel.[7]  [Vol'jin's Hearthstone] was bound to The Den in Durotar. After barely surviving Garrosh Hellscream's assassination attempt, Vol'jin gave the hearthstone to an adventurer so that they could go seek Thrall for help.

According to legend, Bryher Stonekeeper ran a prosperous tavern near Loch Modan. His daughter, Keelin, traveled far from home, eventually developing the kind of reputation that embarrassed her father. Bryher made a deal with a gnome warlock to keep his daughter close to home. The warlock turned Keelin into a hearthstone, so that she would always return to the inn. The small stone found through archeology resembled a hearthstone. It was warm to the touch and made very faint giggling noises at inopportune moments, which may confirm the story.[8]

The  [Hearthsteed], a mount rumored to be chiseled from the same rare mineral as hearthstone themselves, bears a striking resemblance to every adventurer's most useful item. A construct of exquisite craftsmanship awash in a mystical blue glow, its rocky exterior just barely manages to contain the power that lurks within.[9]

In World of Warcraft

  • After using a Hearthstone, it has a cooldown of 30 minutes. This cooldown continues even if the player is logged off.
  • A hearthstone has a 10 second Cast time.
  • A hearthstone can be used during combat; however, the casting will be interrupted if the user takes any damage.
    • Being hit will not interrupt the casting of a Hearthstone if the player is immune to the type of damage caused by the hits. As such Bubble Hearthing is possible for paladins.
  • The hearthstone is initially bound to the starting zone of the player. To be exact, the very spot that your character was initially created. There is no way to set your hearthstone back to this location if you change it.
  • Several items in the game have an effect similar to that of a hearthstone.
  • While low-level players may not reach it conventionally, it is possible to be ported by a mage directly to the Broken Isles version of Dalaran, and then set one's hearthstone to an innkeeper in the faction hub there. This is occasionally done for alts for accessibility to cities far away from each other, particularly the Exodar. However, this can make travel difficult as low-level players may not be able to reach the city again without use of a hearthstone.
  • A Hearthstone can be used while sitting or laying down.
  • Unlike non-hero classes, Death Knights do not start with a Hearthstone, but rather a  [Scourgestone] that acts very similarly, returning them to Acherus: The Ebon Hold. They can acquire a Hearthstone by talking to any innkeeper after completing the introductory quest chain.
  • Warlords of Draenor introduced the  [Garrison Hearthstone], a special hearthstone with a cooldown separate from the normal one. However, it can only return the player to his or her Garrison.
    • With Legion, a similar  [Dalaran Hearthstone] is given to the player, which will return them to Dalaran. Regular Hearthstones can still be set in the city, however.

Recommended home locations

Icon-time.svg This section contains information that is out-of-date.

Casting Hearthstone

For ease of travel throughout the world, it is recommended to set your hearthstone in the Broken Isles version of Dalaran, as it contains portals to the four racial capital cities, Shrine of Seven Stars/Shrine of Two Moons, Shattrath City, Wyrmrest Temple, Caverns of Time, Karazhan, and Dalaran Crater.

Otherwise, the home is usually set to a convenient location, dependent on where the player will be questing and the instances they might be going to. They may look like the following:

For the Alliance

For the Horde

In other Blizzard games

The digital card game Hearthstone is named after the famous stone. The game itself takes place in an inn and is narrated by the innkeeper who welcomes back returning players upon logging in. The trademark Hearthstone swirl also serves as the game's logo.

Hearthstones can also be found in the team brawler Heroes of the Storm, where it serves a similar purpose to that in World of Warcraft, to teleport the player back to the Hall of Storms.

Notes and trivia

Hearthstone plushie
  • During the World of Warcraft alpha, their functionally was made available by a spell called "Word of Recall".[10]
  • A Hearthstone plushie was available at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.[11]
  • The release of Hearthstone has seen the creation of an extensive range of both official and third-party merchandise featuring Hearthstones or the Hearthstone design, including plushies, t-shirts, mugs and phone cases.

Ghetto hearthing

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft in patch 3.1.0.

Ghetto hearthing was a way of teleporting to your hearthstone point while your hearthstone was on cooldown. This trick involved creating a group for an easily accessible instance (such as the Stockade), zoning in, then passing the group lead to the other person and leaving the group, thus forcing the system to teleport you to your hearthstone point.

As of patch 3.1.0, ghetto hearthing has been removed from the game. Instead of returning to the home location, the character will be transported to the nearest graveyard. The cooldown of a hearthstone was also lowered to 30 minutes.[12]

Patch changes

  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): The cooldown will be reduced to 30 minutes. 'Ghetto hearthing' will bring you to the nearest graveyard, instead of your home location.[12]
  • The Burning Crusade Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): The mouse pointer changes when hovering it over an innkeeper NPC that can bind:
Pointer hearth on 32x32.png interact with innkeeper Pointer hearth off 32x32.png innkeeper out of range

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