Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

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Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain
Blackrock Mountain-Hearthstone logo.png
Blackrock Mountain official logo

Blizzard Entertainment


April 2, 2015 (United States)
April 3, 2015 (Europe, Australia, New Zealand)[1]



Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain is the second adventure for Hearthstone, released on April 2, 2015.

It is based on Blackrock Mountain, the player encountering Dark Iron dwarves, Nefarian, and Ragnaros. Each boss within Blackrock Mountain has unique cards at their disposal, and they’re guaranteed to challenge any adventurer ready to brave the challenges within. A total of five unique wings make up the massive expanse of Blackrock Mountain, and each wing is a unique experience to one of the five zones found within it. A unique gameboard was also featured[2] and 31 new cards was added to the game.[3]


  • Pre-order before 2 April 2015 for $24.99 and receive an exclusive card back.
  • All five wings: $24.99
    • Already own the first wing? Purchase the remaining four: $19.99
    • Already own the first two wings? Purchase the remaining three: $14.99
    • Already own the first three wings? Purchase the remaining two: $9.99
  • Individual wings: $6.99 OR 700 gold each

The more you bundle the more you save real money.




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