Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

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Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
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Blizzard Entertainment


December 1, 2016



Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is the fourth expansion for Hearthstone, released on December 1, 2016.

The expansion adds 132 collectible cards to the game and is themed around the goblin town of Gadgetzan, which in Hearthstone lore is said to have grown into a massive port city following the flooding of northeastern Tanaris during the Cataclysm. The expansion features the new "Tri-class" mechanic, which allows specific cards to be played in three different classes, but only those three. The mechanic is themed around the three crime families that rule the underworld of Gadgetzan's back alleys: the brutish weapon smugglers of the Grimy Goons (hunter, paladin and warrior), the mystical assassins of the Jade Lotus (druid, rogue and shaman) and the outcast spellcasters and potion-peddlers of the Kabal (mage, priest and warlock).



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