Hellfire Warder

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MobHellfire Warder
Image of Hellfire Warder
Gender Female
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Health 165,312
Mana 99,270
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Magtheridon's Lair

Hellfire Warders are orcs found in Magtheridon's Lair.


Come in groups of 3. One group patrols. 4 groups total. They are immune to Silence effects and all forms of CC, including stuns. You must clear each pack of Warders, or they will aggro when you engage the boss. They can be affected by Curse of Tongues and Mind Numbing Poison.

The respawn timer on the Hellfire Warders is 2 hours.


  • Basic Melee : These melee for around 7.1k on cloth, 2-3k on plate.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley : Hits everyone in range for ~2k shadow damage. Must be interrupted by mages/shamans, rogues will get feared too much to be reliable here.
  • Shadow Word: Pain : Ticks for 500 per 3 sec and lasts 18 seconds.
  • Unstable Affliction : Ticks for ~500 and deals 3000 damage if dispelled and will silence the dispeller.
  • Rain of Fire : Ticks for 1900 every 2 seconds. This is the most dangerous spell and is instant cast and cannot be interrupted, so raid members must run around it.
  • Death Coil : Seems to target the 2nd closest person in threat to the warder, but will often be cast on the tank. Deals 2k and lasts 3 seconds.
  • Fear : Lasts 8 seconds, cannot be dispelled. Tremor totem will NOT work.
  • Shadow Burst : Deals 2k damage to the main aggro target, knocks them back and reduces their threat.

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