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Hellwarden Xaphan

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MobHellwarden Xaphan
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Gender Male
Race Jailer (Demon)
Level 99 - 110 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Terrace of Endless Spring
Status Killable

Hellwarden Xaphan is a jailer located in the Terrace of Endless Spring during N Monk [98 - 110] The Emperor's Gift.


  • Spell shadow soulleech 1.png  Anguished Souls — Inflics Shadow damage every 1 sec.
  • Spell shadow soulleech 1.png  Anguished Souls — Fires Anguished Souls at the target's location, dealing Shadow damage and leaving a well of Anguished Souls at the location.
  • Ability felarakkoa feldetonation green.png  Fel Destruction — Inflicts Fire damage to all enemies.


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