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A general description of the enchant goes here. Using Enchant Weapon - Crusader as an example:

Permanently enchant a melee weapon so that often when attacking in melee it heals for 75 to 125 and increases Strength by 100 for 15 seconds. Both healing and strength bonuses have great value for tanks and rogues in PvE, so this enchant is in constant demand from these classes.


Here is where information about where the enchant can be found, including where and from whom it drops or where one can buy it. Using Enchant Weapon - Crusader as an example:

The formula is dropped by a Scarlet Spellbinder in the Western Plaguelands on the road to Hearthglen. Drop rate is about 0.2%. Worse, there is only up to 9 Spellbinders at any given time (3 on the ground floor of the tower, 3 on the top and up to 3 wandering around; respawn time is about 5-7 minutes). Area is heavily farmed for this enchant, so life cycle of Spellbinders consists of just seconds. Farming on PvP servers is just a pain (bring decent party with you) because of ganking.

Spellbinders are relatively weak cold mages, no classes will have any difficulties killing them. However, most effective classes for farming are rogues (they can evade most of the ganking) and hunters/warlocks (pet in aggressive mode is the most effective tagging tool).

Farming can also be slowed by the presence of a Scarlet High Clerist at the top of the tower. This Level 63 Elite is a paladin variant and can be pulled at best with two Spellbinders, at worst three Spellbinders and Cavalier Durgen.


General notes, including who might benefit more from using the enchant and any lore that might be known about the it. Example:

This is a high level enchant for all weapons, and it is mainly used by Rogues, Warriors , Shamans and Paladins. A weapon (usually Swords, Maces, Axes, Daggers or Polearms) that been enchanted with Crusader glows a strong white glow. Also has been found to have 1ppm (procs per minute).

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