Heroic Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde (Alliance)

Alliance 32.pngHeroic Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde
Start Ralston Karn
End Ralston Karn
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Warfronts
Experience 22,300
Rewards Inv misc crate03alliance.png [Warfronts Equipment Cache], 15x Inv alliancewareffort.png [7th Legion Service Medal], Inv radientazeritematrix.png [Radiant Azerite Matrix] (1,500x Inv smallazeriteshard.png [Azerite])
46 Gold.png 80 Silver.png
For the Horde version of this quest, see Horde 15.png [120] Heroic Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde.


Defeat the Horde at the Battle for Stromgarde.


If the Horde thinks it can assault Stromgarde, it is sorely mistaken! We will not let Arathi fall!

Prepare yourself for battle.


You will receive:


We must do all we can to claim Arathi for the Alliance.


Well fought, <name>, though I'm afraid it may be premature to let our guard down just yet. I am sure our enemy will not sit idly while we rebuild Stromgarde.

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