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A gryphon that may be Hestra in the Alliance Player's Guide.
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Hestra may be the gryphon mount of Falstad Wildhammer, he states "By Hestra's wings". The gryphon is well trained and is the best mount he ever had. Hestra is akin to a dog rather than a part-leonine beast and will jump on top of his master wagging his tail before being told to get off. Falstad keeps a tiny whistle which enables him to summon the gryphon.[1]

Hestra carried Falstad over the Great Sea between Hasic and Khaz Modan. They departed ways after Falstad and the elven ranger Vereesa were lured into a ground trap akin to a quicksand by the goblin Kryll.[2] Later he was able to call the beast to escape the fortress of Grim Batol with Vereesa and Rhonin. From the gryphon they witnessed the battles taking place between the orcs and the hill dwarves on the ground, and Deathwing and the dragons in the air.[1]


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