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Hexlord Raal

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"Raal" redirects here. For the quest, see H [110 - 120] Raal. For the tablet, see Hexlord Raal (object). For the Waycrest Manor boss, see Raal the Gluttonous.
HordeHexlord Raal
Image of Hexlord Raal
Title <Zanchuli Council>
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Class Priest
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire, Zanchuli Council, Warpack
Occupation Hexer, High priest
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Wardruid Loti (wife),[1][2]
Unnamed sister[3]
Companion(s) Ata the Winglord

Hexlord Raal is a member of the Zanchuli Council and the high priest of Pa'ku. He is the husband of Wardruid Loti, the high priestess of Gonk.


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Raal's appointment to the Zanchuli Council was no surprise to anyone. The charming hexlord of Pa'ku had won the heart of his loa and of many of the people. Seen as the "man of the people," Raal has taken it upon himself to represent many of the people within Zandalar's borders.[4]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
H [110 - 120] Rastakhan 117 303,770
H [110 - 120] Offensively Defensive 110 152,170
Zuldazar ?? 100,200
H [110 - 120] Raal ?? 232,550
Zuldazar ?? 281,920

Objective of



  • The skies be my eyes.
  • Like my loa always says: DUCK! <laugh>
  • I serve Pa'ku, one of the oldest of the loa.
  • Greetings Pa'kurai!
  • You want to soar with the source?
  • Like my loa always says: don't touch dat!
  • Now if I could just get my wife to give me this much attention. <laugh>
  • Oh... oh... oh yeah... Keep doin' dat. Just a little bit to your right...
  • AHH PERFECT! Dat really hit de spot!
  • Choose your loa wisely.
  • May Pa'ku spy your enemies, before they spy you.
  • Like my loa always says: GO AWAY!
  • May the winds of war be ever in your favor.


You stand before Hexlord Raal, member of the Zanchuli Council and High Priest of de great loa Pa'ku, master of winds and our navy.
So what do you want?
During Web of Lies questline
Yazma and Zul never approached me about their little coup. I suspect dey knew deep down I am too much of a Zandalari for their little rebellion.
Also, I would have killed dem on de spot, so good chance dat might have been why.
Fallen Outpost, Nazmir

De Alliance are really testing my patience. Dey would be dead now if not for dis fog.

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