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Gender Male
Race Tauren
Status Alive
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Hiamo is a tauren soldier of the Horde. A few weeks before the War of the Thorns, he served as a guard in Orgrimmar. One morning, he was one of several guards who sat drinking and laughing with Morka Bruggu, who couldn't remember the tauren's name and thought of him as "Lanagu" or "Lanagas" or "something like that". When High Overlord Saurfang came upon the drunken guards, he gave them a furious lecture and ordered them to return to their posts, which they all numbly complied with.

Later, during the War of the Thorns, Hiamo was one of several raiders who swam off the coast of Darkshore to attack the night elven ships and helped Morka take control of one of the kaldorei vessels.[1]