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HordeHidden Enemies

15 (Requires 10)




Hidden Enemies is the part of a small Horde quest chain that involves infiltrating the Burning Blade at the request of Thrall. In this quest, Thrall asks the players to speak again to Neeru Fireblade, after they have slain Bazzalan and Jergosh in Ragefire Chasm.


Speak to Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar.


I think our next step should be to have you placed close to Neeru. If he is as agitated as reports suggest, then we may accomplish two things. One, you may be able to gain some greater knowledge about the Council or at least the Burning Blade, and two, he may just begin to trust you enough that he asks you to start to aid him. He may very well look at you as someone who can fill the void now that some of the leadership is in turmoil.

Return to the Cleft and speak to him again, but do not be too overt.



What is it?! Oh, you, <class>... my apologies. My anger rivals that of a rabid kodo bull... but perhaps it is my own fault. In sending travelers into Ragefire Chasm, I should have seen the possibility that some harm would come from it. It seems both Bazzalan and Jergosh were taken unaware and slain by some of Thrall's do-gooders. A most inopportune time, but there is nothing that can be done about it now.


In the next quest, the players will return to Thrall where they receive the final reward for completing this quest chain.


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