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NeutralHidden History

110 (Requires 110)



Use Old Filmaff's notes to locate and recover the 4 ancient tomes for Edirah's research.

Provided item:


Filmaff believes with a little assistance we can give you more. There are a few tomes I could point out - not easy to get, mind you - that would... <Cough>... that would push forward our research a bit. Here, I'll give you a list.


There was originally to be a "Hidden History" quest for each class campaign, with each book having to be individually tracked in order to progress and upgrade your artifact further by expanding Artifact Knowledge past level 25. Scowling Rosa was a possible source, as well as the libraries of the Moon Guard Stronghold, Black Rook Hold and the Scarlet Halls.

Mage books (to bring back to Edirah)
  • Used as template for the quest; see above.
Hunter books (to bring back to Holt Thunderhorn)
Death knight books (to bring back to Illanna Dreadmoore)
Druid books (to bring back to Celadine the Fatekeeper)
Warrior books (to bring back to Fjornson Stonecarver)
Rogue books (to bring back to Filius Sparkstache)
Demon hunter books (to bring back to Vahu the Weathered)
Priest books (to bring back to Juvess the Duskwhisperer)
Shaman books (to bring back to Gorma Windspeaker)
Paladin books (to bring back to Sister Elda)
Warlock books (to bring back to Mile Raitheborne)
Monk books (to bring back to Lorewalker Cho)

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