Hidden Reach

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The Hidden Reach

The Hidden Reach is the name given to a secret entrance to Dire Maul East which bypasses the usual hazards of getting into the keep from its usual entrance. It is accessed by the Lariss Pavillion located in the forest area north of Camp Mojache. Along the western rim of the pavillion is a downward spiral ramp whose northern area has the door to The Hidden Reach. This door can only be accessed by use of the [Crescent Key]. Once open, there is a winding tunnel that goes down to an instance portal. Once crossed, the adventurer(s) will be in a corridor that leads to the easternmost portion of Dire Maul East. The area is guarded by Lashers and Satyrs.

If one goes through the standard instance portal in the Broken Commons in order to kill Pusillin and obtain the Crescent Key, one has to pass through Warpwood Quarter to get to the Hidden Reach. A tunnel leads off near the entrance through a large unnamed area containing Lethtendris, Hydrospawn and Zevrim Thornhoof and eventually down into the Conservatory.