Hidetrader Jun'ik

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HordeHidetrader Jun'ik
Image of Hidetrader Jun'ik
Title <Leather Goods>
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 15-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Warsong Offensive
Location Conquest Hold, Grizzly Hills

Hidetrader Jun'ik is a troll leatherworker who is ordered by Conqueror Krenna to collect worg hides. However, he attempts to substitute disguised grizzly hides for the worg hides in his belief being that there would never be enough worg hide for her troops. When his deception is discovered Krenna orders his leg broken. Her sister Gorgonna, unwilling to do the deed but seeking to make it look real, kicks him in the leg to make it look like she broke it.


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Inv belt 16.png [Reinforced Leather Belt]
1g 91s 95c
Inv boots 08.png [Reinforced Leather Boots]
2g 87s 89c
Inv bracer 03.png [Reinforced Leather Bracers]
1g 94s 12c
Inv helmet 15.png [Reinforced Leather Cap]
3g 7s 67c
Inv gauntlets 05.png [Reinforced Leather Gloves]
1g 94s 85c
Inv pants 09.png [Reinforced Leather Pants]
3g 83s 17c
Inv chest cloth 05.png [Reinforced Leather Vest]
3g 80s 27c
Inv misc dust 02.png [Salt]
Inv weapon shortblade 01.png [Skinning Knife]




Hides for the Horde, mon! Only the best for our troops!

Buy Let me browse your goods.


  • He has a unique skintone not usable by players.

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