Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania

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HordeHierophant Theodora Mulvadania
Image of Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania
Title <Kargath Expeditionary Force>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 58
Health 2,297
Mana 2,289
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity, Kargath Expeditionary Force
Occupation Hierophant
Location Blackrock Depths
Status Active

Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania is a level 58 quest giver located in just outside the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths.

Before the Cataclysm, she could be found in Kargath in Badlands. She is a member of the Kargath Expeditionary Force.


Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a.


  • You won't be able to open the back door yourself to escape once you've started the chaos. You'll have to either get the guards to open it by killing bar patrons, get Private Rocknot drunk so he causes property damage, or see if Spazzring has the key on him!

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.

Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania:

Oh, it's just terribly, terribly awful! You will just DIE when you see it, Vivian.

Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave:

Oh, do tell! The suspense alone is enough to make a girl scream!

Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania:

Well, from what I hear, the new plague has ALL of the old plague flavor but none of the old plague calories or carbohydrates!
Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave claps excitedly.

Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave:

Oh, how positively delightful!

Warlord Goretooth:

Well hello there ladies. Heard about the new plague?

Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania:

Ewwwww... not if you were the last orc on Kalimdor, Lunk.
Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave blushes.
Warlord Goretooth laughs.

Warlord Goretooth:

Ah, look at the time! I must return to my post... up over there.

Warlord Goretooth:

If you'll excuse me, I must take my leave. Good day, ladies.

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