High Crawliac

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MobHigh Crawliac
Image of High Crawliac
Title <The Witchqueen>
Gender Female
Race Harpy (Humanoid)
Level 100-110
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Crawliac
Occupation Queen of the harpies[1]
Location The Haglands, Highmountain [46.2, 39.8]
Status Killable

High Crawliac, the Witchqueen, is the ruler of the Crawliac harpies of Highmountain, found at her throne on the summit of the Haglands. According to Lasan Skyhorn, "one does not become queen of the harpies through kindness", and High Crawliac has killed, betrayed and tormented countless tauren, harpies, kobolds and anything else she had to in order to secure her position as queen.[1] When she seized control of the harpies, she placed three powerful and deadly witches in charge of the covens under her command: Ragi the Hexxer, Agara Deathsong and Ugla the Hag.[2] Recently, she has taught her witches how to curse Highmountain's giant eagles into vile rocs to attack the Skyhorn tauren tribe who dwell in the area below the Haglands.[3] Lasan, the Skyhorn chieftain, thus tells the adventurer that he will not send any forces to assist the Highmountain Tribe in Thunder Totem until High Crawliac has been killed.

Objective of

She needs to be killed for N [100 - 110] The Witchqueen.


  • Ability hunter murderofcrows.png  A Feast of Eyes 45 yd yd range — Birds of prey descend upon you, inflicting Physical damage every 1 sec for 6 sec.
  • Ability druid galewinds.png  Shredding Cyclone 50 yd yd range — Cyclones that rip apart anything they touch, inflicting 200 Shadow Damage.
  • Ability druid astralstorm.png  Vicious Storm 45 yd yd range — The harpy spins violently, inflicting 300 Shadow damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back.


You will fall like all the others!
Vicious Storm
Your blood will rain from the sky!
Calling down Cursedwing Guardians
Feast on their eyes my beauties!

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