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AllianceHigh Priest Venoxis



32 (Requires 29)







Deal with Zanzil the Outcast and High Priest Venoxis.

If you become lost or need to return to Zul'Gurub, speak with Maywiki at the Explorers' League Digsite.


Venoxis was the second of the two priests that Zanzil planned to bring back from the dead. You have already succeeded in destroying the body of High Priestess Jeklik... Venoxis must be the next.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 37.png [Maywiki's Favorite Ring] Inv boots leather 11v3.png [Boots of the Foolhardy]
Inv misc cape 05.png [Cloak of Great Endeavors]

You will also receive: 95s


You've been on quite the adventure, I see.


I ask you to slay Zanzil the Outcast, a lowly, hermetic exile of the Gurubashi, and what do you do? You dash headfirst into the Gurubashi capital and eliminate one of their High Priests! Very nearly two! Only one word suffices to explain such a rash and foolhardy endeavor:


Jin'do the Hexxer still walks within Zul'Gurub's walls, but he lost one of his legs when you crushed Jeklik. Today's battle is ours.



  1. Upon entering the room:
    • Zanzil the Outcast yells: You're back for more huh? Too bad, because I've got a stronger potion mixed up this time! Venoxis will live!
  2. Upon being rediced to 1 HP:
    • Zanzil the Outcast yells: I can't take much more of this...
    • Zanzil vanishes leaving behind one Zanzil's Elixir
    • Zanzil the Outcast yells: Here comes Zanzil!
    • Zanzil teleports to another location!
    • Zanzil is reset to full health and battle starts over.
  3. Upon killing Venoxis:
    • Zanzil the Outcast yells: Nooo! Zanzil is a failure...
    • Shade of the Hexxer yells: What's goin' on in here?
    • Shade of the Hexxer yells: Zanzil! Finish with Venoxis, then we'll talk about your failures.
    1. If Zanzil is not dead (not at 1 hp) at this moment:
      • Zanzil the Outcast says: Yes, Jin'do.
      • Shade of the Hexxer says: And you. You've interferred with my plans for the last time.
    • Shade of the Hexxer says: Hakkar grows impatient. And so do I.
    • Shade of the Hexxer says: You may have sain Jeklik, but you will not leave Zul'Gurub alive.
    • Shade of the Hexxer yells: Prepare to die!
    • Bronwyn Hewstrike yells: Hey! What are you doing down here?
    • Bronwyn Hewstrike yells: Quick, grab onto the ladder. That troll doesn't look too friendly!


When you go through the portal you emerge in a safe place. Short distance before you is a room with Zanzil the Outcast along with High Priest Venoxis. Venoxis is lying on the altar under the effect of Voodoo Juju spell. The room is full of Snake, Adder and Water Snake critters.

Upon entering the room, Zanzil attacks the player with [Lightning Bolt] ability. He also throws Zanzil's Elixir around. When Zanzil's Elixir hit any critter in the room, the affected critter is transformed into a Spirit of Venoxis. Spirit of Venoxis have single [Heal] ability. They immediately rush toward High Priest Venoxis and begin to heal him.

When Zanzin being reduced to 1 HP he vanishes leaving behind one bottle of Zanzil's Elixir object which stays around about 5-10 seconds. If used, the elixir heals the player for small amount of HP. About 20 seconds after vanishing, Zanzil teleports to new location, his health resets to full, and the battle begins over.

To progress with the encounter player need to kill High Priest Venoxis. When Venoxis is reduced to 1 HP Shade of the Hexxer rushes into the room. Upon assessing the situation Shade of the Hexxer casts Jin'do's Grasp upon the player (45 second stun) to give Zanzil time to revive the Venoxis. Meanwhile Shade of the Hexxer prepares to kill the player and start casting Jin'do's Rage (12 seconds cast).

At this moment Bronwyn Hewstrike appears above flying an Explorers' League Biplane. She drops a ladder down making a single pass over the room.

Player should immediately click the ladder as soon as it's within range! If the player fails to escape Hexxer finishes his Jin'do's Rage (600-700K damage spell) instantly wiping all players in the area.

Players will loose 10% durability and get ported to a graveyard in Northern Stranglethorn[57, 56] but the quest is will still complete.  [Maywiki's Fetish] may be used to port to Maywiki to finish the quest.

If player manages to escape with Bronwyn's biplane he is transferred to Explorers' League Digsite and may immediately finish the quest with Maywiki.


  1. B [31] Backdoor Dealings
  2. B [32] Eliminate the Outcast
  3. B [32] Through the Troll Hole
  4. B [32] High Priestess Jeklik
  5. B [32] Plunging Into Zul'Gurub
  6. B [32] High Priest Venoxis

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