High Priest Venoxis (tactics)

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For Venoxis' background, see High Priest Venoxis. For the original incarnation of the encounter, see High Priest Venoxis (Classic).
BossHigh Priest Venoxis
Image of High Priest Venoxis
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 87 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zul'Gurub
Status Killable

High Priest Venoxis
Bloodlord Mandokir
High Priestess Kilnara
Jin'do the Godbreaker


Cache of Madness

Gri'lek (summoned)
Hazza'rah (summoned)
Renataki (summoned)
Wushoolay (summoned)



High Priest Venoxis is one, if not the first, boss players can encounter in the level 85 version of Zul'Gurub. He can still be found at his old location inside the instance.


For character biography, see High Priest Venoxis.

High Priest Venoxis is the High Priest of the Primal God Hethiss, the snake god.

Adventure Guide

Originally sent to kill Hakkar, Venoxis became enslaved to the murderous entitiy before falling to Azeroth's heroes. Through the efforts of the Soulflayer's agents, Venoxis has been ripped from the spirit world and ordered to defend Zul'Gurub with his venomous serpentine minions.


Stage One: A Venomous Labyrinth

  • Ability creature poison 06.png  Venomous Effusion — During the encounter a maze of poison clouds appears on the ground. The poison inflicts 9425 to 10575 Nature damage to enemies that step into the clouds.
  • Spell nature rune.png  Word of Hethiss — At the start of the battle, High Priest Venoxis calls upon the Word of Hethis. This inflicts 46250 to 53750 Nature damage to players within 10 yards and knocks them back.
  • Spell nature poisoncleansingtotem.png  Whispers of Hethiss Interruptible — High Priest Venoxis focuses a beam of poison on a random player, inflicting 1850 to 2150 Nature damage every 0.3 seconds.
  • Ability poisonsting.png  Toxic Link Important — High Priest Venoxis links two players with a toxic beam, inflicting 10000 Nature damage every 1 seconds to both players. The Toxic Link lasts for 10 sec or until both targets move farther away than 25 yards from each other. When Toxic Link breaks, it causes a Toxic Explosion at the location of each linked player.
    • Ability creature poison 02.png  Toxic Explosion — When Toxic Link breaks, it causes a Toxic Explosion at the location of each linked player. Toxic Explosion inflicts 10000 Nature damage to players within 8 yards.

Stage Two: The Mortal Coil Unwinds

After a set period of time, High Priest Venoxis transforms into an avatar of Hethiss, the snake god.

  • Ability creature poison 06.png  Venomous Effusion — During the encounter a maze of poison clouds appears on the ground. The poison inflicts 9425 to 10575 Nature damage to enemies that step into the clouds.
  • Spell nature nullifypoison.png  Blessing of the Snake God — High Priest Venoxis takes on the avatar of Hethiss, the snake god. In this form, Venoxis' physical damage dealt increases by 50% but he no longer dodges or parries attacks.
  • Ability creature poison 06.png  Pool of Acrid Tears Important — High Priest Venoxis summons a venomous puddle near the player farthest from him. The puddle grows over time and inflicts 4712 to 5287 Nature damage every 0.5 seconds to players that stand in it.
  • Ability creature poison 01.png  Breath of Hethiss — High Priest Venoxis spews forth a stream of acrid venom that inflicts 15000 Nature damage to enemies in a 15-yard cone in front of him every 0.5 seconds for 3 sec.

Stage Three: Bloodvenom!

High Priest Venoxis moves to his altar, absorbs all of the Pools of Acrid Tears in the room, and then casts Bloodvenom. After Bloodvenom ends, Venoxis enters a state of Venom Withdrawal and then returns to stage one.

  • Ability creature poison 06.png  Poison Cloud — The stairs and altar surrounding High Priest Venoxis are covered in a powerful poison gas that inflicts 9250 to 10750 Nature damage every 2 seconds.


A large portion of the damage in this battle can be avoided. This fight requires concentration and thought to positioning of players and the boss.

Phase 1

Venoxis should be positioned so that melee players can place themselves behind the boss without taking damage from the maze walls or other damaging elements. Ranged players should go to differnet parts of the maze and maximise the distance between themselves and the tank/melee players in order to minimize travelling time when breaking the link. Any player affected by Toxic Link should stop casting and move away from the connected player as soon as possible. Whispers of Hethiss can and should be inturrupted for every cast, this may require 2 people to rotate inturrupts.

Phase 2

Pool of Acrid Tears will spawn around the area, the tank should be aware of any near the boss so that he can be moved to prevent damage being taken from then. When Venoxis begins casting Breath of Hethiss the tank and any players within 15 yards of the boss must ensure that they are behind him before the cast finishes. At the end of Phase 2 Venoxis will head back to where he started, players should head to a 'dead end' part of the maze to allow the maximum movement area for Bloodvenom.

Phase 3

When Venoxis summons the tendrils for Bloodvenom, players must be kite these and avoid other party members as the tendrils deal AoE damage to anyone in range. There will be one tendril summoned for each party member who is alive. A sound strategy is to stand still and wait for the tendrils to appear before running; exiting the maze before the tendrils appear will cause one to appear at the entrance and moving before the tendrils are summoned can cause a tendril to follow a player that is already running from one, both of which can cause unnecessary damage. Abilities such as [Ice Block] or [Divine Shield] can prevent the damage being taken in an emergency. Players must be careful not to touch the walls of the maze, as doing so will cause roughly 50k nature damage per second. Keep this in mind if you plan to jump over the maze edges as the effect is slightly larger than the graphic. When Venoxis gets weakend from Venom Withdrawl, burn him with everything you've got. After this debuff dissipates phase 1 will start again.


Related Achievements


You disssssturb the plans of Gurubashi, little one. It'sss too late for you. Too late for all of you!
Killing a Player
  • The mortal coil unwindsss...
  • Your sssacrifice pleases him.
Casting Bloodvenom
Yesss...ssssuccumb to the venom...
Let the coils of death unfurl!
Casting Word of Hethiss
My death means...nothing...
Unused quotes
You've come to stop usssss? We will protect Hakkar to the deathsss!


Patches and hotfixes

  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-06-29): "High Priest Venoxis and Zanzil have had the damage of many of their spells and abilities reduced."
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-04-27): "Toxic Link now has a 100-yard range, down from infinity."
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.1.0 (2011-04-26): Added

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