High Priestess Lorthuna

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CombatHigh Priestess Lorthuna
Image of High Priestess Lorthuna
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 83 Elite
Health 161,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Twilight's Hammer
Location Twilight Precipice, Deepholm [62.5, 32.1]

High Priestess Lorthuna is one of the leaders to the Twilight's Hammer that is stationed in Deepholm. After the Twilight's Hammer is thinned out through the questing in Deepholm, she leads the final assault with the remaining Twilight forces on the Temple of Earth. She is able to kill Maruut Stonebinder, though as the situation looks bleak, Therazane and her forces arrive to assist the Earthen Ring. Therazane personally assists in the killing of Lorthuna, and the World Pillar is restored.

Objective of

  • Needs to be defeated for the N [83] Therazane's Mercy quest where she escapes before the player kills her. Is later finally defeated with the assistance of Therazane during N [83] The Binding quest.


  • High Priestess Lorthuna says: Therazane's finally gathered the nerve to challenge us, has she?
High Priestess Lorthuna says: Come closer love, I have a point to make...
High Priestess Lorthuna says: You do realize there's no hope, don't you? Deathwing has already risen. Your world is doomed.
High Priestess Lorthuna says: Oh, stay close gorgeous. I'm worth chasing.
High Priestess Lorthuna says: I'm not that easy hon. Perhaps another time.

During the ritual to mend the World Pillar

  • High Priestess Lorthuna says: Your tale ends here, shaman.
Earthcall Torunscar yells: Stop her! We can still complete da binding!
High Priestess Lorthuna says: Deathwing shall bring destruction upon your entire order. And this day, I shall be his blade!
Therazane yells: Ma'haat, slaughter these rabble. I will deal with the fool priestess.
Therazane yells: You should have taken the hint when we destroyed your precipice, cultist.
High Priestess Lorthuna says: Hah...
Earthcaller Torunscar yells: Thank da elements...
Earthcaller Torunscar yells: With the pillar restored, dis realm is safe. We must now attend to the woud on the surface.


She's voiced by Jessica Straus.

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