High Shaman Bloodpaw

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MobHigh Shaman Bloodpaw
Image of High Shaman Bloodpaw
Gender Male
Race Wolvar (Humanoid)
Level 72 Elite
Health 76,880
Mana 16,545
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation High Shaman of the Bloodpaw tribe
Location Eldritch Heights, Dragonblight [91.0, 71.4]

High Shaman Bloodpaw is a level 72 elite wolvar located at the Eldritch Heights in the Dragonblight. [91.0, 71.4] It is possible he is the leader of the Bloodpaw tribe.

After the Bloodpaw tribe forced Drolfy and his cousins, Skrotee and Brote (whom Drolfy believes may have been captured or killed by the Bloodpaw) to flee from the heights, Drolfy put a bounty on his life to draw Alliance adventurers to venture to the heights and kill him.

He needs to be killed for A [74G3] Wanted: High Shaman Bloodpaw

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