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"Gelbin" redirects here. For the blood elf, see Gelbin (blood elf). For his Battle of Dazar'alor boss encounter, see High Tinker Mekkatorque (tactics).
AllianceGelbin Mekkatorque
Image of Gelbin Mekkatorque
Title High Tinker,
King of Gnomes
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Gnomeregan, Alliance
Former affiliation(s) Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation High Tinker of Gnomeregan, Inventor, Tinker
Location Various
Status Alive
Companion(s) Tread Sparknozzle (advisor)
You never really understood, did you? It is our loyalty to our friends that provides our truest, greatest strength... My friends. It is a power that numbers cannot match.
— Gelbin confronting Sicco

Gelbin Mekkatorque is the current High Tinker of Gnomeregan, the elected leader of gnome-kind, though he likes to style himself as "King of Gnomes".[1] Gelbin has been at the helm of the gnome race during some of its most difficult and trying times. Since his title is an elected one, the fact that he has held his position throughout such hardship is a testament to the love his people have for him.

A brilliant inventor, Gelbin Mekkatorque rose quickly to prominence among the meritocratic gnomes with his innovative designs and creative problem-solving skills. He built the very first functioning mechanostrider, assisted in the development of the dwarven siege engine, and was instrumental in the creation of the Deeprun Tram running from Ironforge to Stormwind City.

Although one wouldn’t know it from looking at him, the loss of Gnomeregan weighs heavily on the high tinker. He was unprepared for the invasion that swept through his beloved city, and he was betrayed by a trusted advisor who convinced him to react hastily, resulting in unnecessary deaths. Now Mekkatorque’s brilliant mind has taken on a surgical focus with one single outcome: the retaking of Gnomeregan.[2]


Gelbin Mekkatorque in Tinker Town.


Little is known about Gelbin prior to his becoming High Tinker of the Gnomes. It is said however that his first (and most popular) invention began his rise to the position of High Tinker. The Gnomish race has not had a proper king or queen for over four hundred years.[3] Rather than a monarch, gnomes elected their leaders by common consent, based on the merits of their work and their benefits to the Gnomish race.

Gelbin graduated from Gearshaft University, where he was gifted with a pair of mithril-rimmed lenses from his friend and fellow graduate, Sicco Thermaplugg, which he wore at almost all times, and was a role model for what the gnomes looked for in a High Tinker. Gelbin's first invention, the Mechanostrider, revolutionized travel amongst the world for the Gnomes and provided an effective method of personal transport, finally putting the gnomish race on par with the humans and their chargers.[4] From then on, Mekkatorque continued his work, pumping out invention after invention, each one benefiting and furthering the Gnomish race and their technology. His inventions included the gyromatic micro-adjustor, the repair bot, the schematics for the Deeprun Tram, even the prototype of the dwarven siege engine.[4]

Mekkatorque was known for his practicality. Unlike other Alliance leaders who preferred fanciful or decorative abodes, Gelbin's personal quarters were fittingly practical. His creative way of thinking could be represented physically by the very hallways in sector 17; a library connected to drafting room connected to simple foundry connected to assembly chamber. Gelbin had a habit of often getting caught up in his inventive process, spending night after night brainstorming ideas; to the point where most of his resting was done within his working space.[4]

By the time the Second War began, Mekkatorque led his people to become an invaluable asset for the Alliance. While gnomes were not seen on the front lines as foot soldiers, they provided the Alliance with invaluable machinery and weapons to fill gaps in the Alliance forces.

High Tinker

Gelbin was elected High Tinker by his fellows following his various technological triumphs; something that sent his friend - and now colleague - Sicco Thermaplugg down a path of envy as he continued to covet the title of High Tinker.[5] His skill as an engineer was unquestionable, having literally earned so many awards that his apprentices asked for him to have a trophy case made in order to store them all. He and Sicco often worked as a team, Thermaplugg eventually becoming his top adviser.

At some point during his time as High Tinker, the Gnomes were called upon by the Alliance to aid them in the war against the Horde, which had decimated the southern kingdom of Azeroth. Mekkatorque agreed to aid the Alliance, and led the Gnomes in the Second War.[4]

Second War

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

While the gnomes were present in the Alliance of Lordaeron formed due to the First War, they were not represented as a faction, rather by a delegate from Ironforge. Seeking to prove themselves, the Gnomes became invaluable during the Second War, their advanced machinery and weapons gave the Alliance much needed support, as their Gnomish Flying Machine scouts sweeped the air, and their Gnomish Submarine vessels provided much needed naval support. From the first Gnomish-assisted foray into a Horde encampment in the Second War, Mekkatorque kept a troll-made chair as a souvenir, which he put to good use in the drafting room of his personal quarters, Sector 17.

Following the Second War, the rebuilding of Stormwind began. It was evident that travel to and from the north was difficult, as such Magni Bronzebeard had requested Mekkatorque's aid in constructing a faster and easier method of transportation. Gelbin began his work on what would become the Deeprun Tram.[6] Gelbin designed the schematics for the tram, even creating a scale mock up model of the Tram out of pie tins,[7] and took part in it's actual building as well, making the tram yet another Gnomish invention that was invaluable for the Alliance. Gelbin kept Turalyon informed about updates or problems. Once, he even informed him about a problem of rats.[8]

Third War

Prior to the Third War, Sicco Thermaplugg and Gelbin had been designing the prototype for the Dwarven Siege Engine, eventually being perfected sometime during the war.[4] While the gnomes continued to supply their allies with their machinery and weapons, the gnomes had taken very little part in the Third war.

When the Burning Legion invaded during the Third War, Gelbin declined sending aid to the Alliance in the form of gnomish personnel, much to their allies' surprise. When the war was over however, it was revealed as to why the gnomes had not aided the Alliance.[2]

Fall of Gnomeregan

On the onset of the Third War,[9] when the kingdom of Lordaeron fell to the Scourge,[10] Gnomeregan was invaded by a foul race of primitive creatures known as the troggs who had broken through the lower reaches of the city, invading from the depths of the earth. Being unprepared, to stop them and knowing that the Alliance was already busy with the Burning Legion invasion, Gelbin tried to find a way to handle this subterranean invasion without the pre-occupied Alliance.[2] The brilliant leader believed that protecting Lordaeron from the Scourge was of the utmost importance, so he kept the trogg invasion a secret. Gelbin approached this invasion as he would any other problem. He remained fearless and calm, relying on his people intelligence.[11] Turning to his advisers, his top adviser and friend Mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg put forward a potential plan, releasing a toxic gas that would kill the troggs as they invaded.

Sicco had claimed to have tested the radiation levels of the gas claiming to have evidence of its terminal effects on the troggs, and had shown Gelbin falsified numbers on its density and volumetric weight. According to Thermaplug's calculations, the gas should have stayed in the quarantined thoroughfares and lower sections of Gnomeregan, poisoning the invaders as they emerged from the depths while the gnomes waited safely sealed away in the upper urban tunnels, kept away from the population by Thermaplugg's Kleen Wind Domiclic Filters. The urgency to deal with the invasion, and the confidence his trusted friend showed led Mekkatorque to believe it was the best course of action.[12]

Gelbin could only watch as the plan failed catastrophically. Rather than kill the troggs, most shambled through the gas, becoming enraged as they were irradiated. The filters failed, going straight through them into the homes of Gnomes, killing them as they waited in their homes thinking they were safe.[12] Gelbin was left beside himself with guilt, the casualties of the invasion already high, the gas causing casualties to sky rocket to 80% of the population.[13] Unable to take any more deaths or hold back the Troggs, Mekkatorque was forced to lead his people out of Gnomeregan to their Dwarven neighbors, begging for safe harbor.


During the evacuation of Gnomeregan, Gelbin was horrified to discover that Thermaplugg had infact betrayed the gnomish race. Thermaplugg's desire to be High Tinker had driven him mad with envy over the years, driving him to plot against Mekkatorque. His plan was to frame the High Tinker by letting 30% of the population die to the gas, then swoop in and save the day and dismiss the troggs; ensuring him the position and Gelbin with the blame of the many deaths. Such actions were relatively unheard of in Gnomish society, where they had learned to rely on one another, treason such as this was just unheard of.[12] However, the gas was much deadlier than Thermaplugg anticipated; wiping out 80% of the Gnomish population rather than 30%. With such a high amount of deaths, the Gnomes rallied desperately to Gelbin, much to Thermaplugg's dismay. With no other options remaining, Gelbin was forced to lead his people away from their irradiated and invaded home of Gnomeregan, all the while forced to carry the weight of the dead on his shoulders.[14]

Gelbin had only truly found how mad his old friend had become following the evacuation, when it was discovered that Thermaplugg remained behind, and the details of his underhanded plans slowly became public, his plans and plots discovered.[13][15]

Within Gnomeregan, for reasons Thermaplugg doesn't even remember, Thermaplugg locked himself away in the deepest reaches, taking in the irradiation along with much of the Gnomish population, as well as being sentenced to death by Mekkatorque for treason. While Gelbin originally assumed his former friend had perished, voyages and observations of the city proved otherwise, as well as revealing the disturbing fate of some of the Gnomes who were left behind. Those who survived mutated into diseased Leper gnomes, the disease warping their minds, which led to a now mutated and insane Thermaplugg taking over the leper gnomes, ruling them with an iron fist of madness.

Gelbin led his people to Ironforge, where their dwarven allies granted them safe harbor and a district within their city, established the Gnomish sanctuary of Tinker Town. There, Mekkatorque began plotting a way to retake the city.[13]

After Gnomeregan

Following the fall of Gnomeregan, Gelbin led the Gnomes in the construction of Tinker Town, where the Gnomes set up their new home. With the fall of Lordaeron and the tension with the Horde rising, Gelbin enlisted the aid of various Alliance heroes. These heroes ventured into Gnomeregan, and came back reporting the death of Thermaplugg, only to later find out it was just a clever facsimile devised by Thermaplugg.[13] It became clear that retaking Gnomeregan would take more than just a small team, rather a large force of Gnomish and Alliance might. Mekkatorque continued to devise a plan as the years passed, watching as his people's seclusion slowly dissipated as his people intermingled with other members of the Alliance.[4]

Mekkatorque sent his people to aid the Alliance in their journies into Outland, as well as into Northrend, while continuing to plot the retaking of Gnomeregan.

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Mekkatorque rides to Brewfest atop his mechanostrider.
Gelbin taps the keg at Brewfest.

High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque was a boss and quest giver located in Tinker Town in the dwarf city of Ironforge, where he started the quest A [35D] The Grand Betrayal.

The highest office in Gnomeregan, High Tinker, has been held by the crafty Gelbin Mekkatorque for the past seven years. He is one of the most renowned inventors ever, and has been honored as a just and skillful leader.[16]

Gelbin also sent Dirk Swindle to Alterac Valley to defend gnomes from tauren.[17]

During Brewfest, Mekkatorque rides out to the festival grounds at 8:10 A.M. and 8:10 P.M. each day for the ceremonial tapping of the keg at 8:15. Players present when he does this receive a 2 hour Brewfest Enthusiast buff that increases XP gained by 10%.

At 7:55: Ipfelkofer Ironkeg yells: In 20 minutes High Tinker Mekkatorque will tap the Brewfest Keg!
At 8:05: Ipfelkofer Ironkeg yells: In just 10 minutes High Tinker Mekkatorque will tap the Brewfest Keg!
Ten seconds left: Ipfelkofer Ironkeg yells: High Tinker Mekkatorque is on his way! The "Tapping of the Keg" ceremony will begin in a few minutes!
It's so good to seeing so many of you here to celebrate this time honored festivity. We've suffered many tragedies this year, so a celebration like Brewfest is a welcome and jubilous occasion.
Years ago, when King Magni approached me about these festivities I assured him that we gnomes could make Brewfest an event to remember. But Magni, knew that we gnomes had other tasks that we should focus on. He wanted to keep it simple and honor the past.
King Magni must have sensed some disappointment as he did allow a slight change. He allowed me a chance to tap the Brewfest Keg. I remember spending nights trying to figure out how to efficiently and quickly open the keg and distribute its contents such that all participants will receive equal parts quickly and efficiently.
With plans drawn up, I had my top men and women begin work on a machine to do that exact task! We had calculated down to the second how best to dist-
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: BOOORING!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Speed it up, Tinker!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Drink, Tink! Drink, Tink! Drink, Tink!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Yak, yak! Let's get to the drinking!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Just tap the keg already!
Well... I guess that no one here is going to want to hear about the Keg Tapper prototypes 74205 and 75633... Maybe if I spoke about prototype 1701-D, you would get excited...
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: BOOORING!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Speed it up, Tinker!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Drink, Tink! Drink, Tink! Drink, Tink!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Yak, yak! Let's get to the drinking!
  • Maeeve Barleybrew yells: Just tap the keg already!
Right, right... So let's start the countdown from ten, ready? TEN!
Brewfest Crowd yells: FIVE!
Oh... okay, I'll just wait for zero then...
Brewfest Crowd yells: FOUR!
Brewfest Crowd yells: THREE!
Brewfest Crowd yells: TWO!
Brewfest Crowd yells: ONE!
Gelbin taps the keg.
The keg is tapped! Now I would like to propose a toast. Don't worry, I'll keep it short and sweet.
Drink and be merry!

Scourge Invasion

When the Lich King awoke, he sent his Scourge into all corners of Azeroth. To defeat the Plague of Undeath and necropolises, members of the Church of the Holy Light traveled to Shattrath and created an artifact of the Naaru's Light. Gnomish adventurers of the Alliance delivered it to Gelbin to destroy the Scourge.

Operation: Gnomeregan

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

After years of planning, Mekkatorque put his plan into action at last. Calling support from not only the gnomish people, but the Alliance as well, Gelbin led the operation. Mekkatorque led strategic assaults on the Leper gnomes, as Thermaplugg attempted to repel the forces with his own. The Alliance succeeded in retaking the outer lands of Gnomeregan, setting up a base within the area before leading the final assault to retake Gnomeregan.

Thermaplugg however had one final trick: once the Alliance had reached the center of the city he unveiled the Irradiator 3000. Unable to disarm the bomb in time, Gelbin was forced to recall the forces to the surface and seal off Gnomeregan while the irradiation cleared out; planning to continue the assault once that had happened. Despite being unable to fully retake the city, Gelbin was happy in the knowledge that Thermaplugg had been dealt a blow he'd not recover from soon.

Elemental Unrest

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

High Tinker Mekkatorque was present during the Elemental Unrest meeting. During the meeting he had mentioned that the large amount of seismic activity that could endanger Ironforge.

During the Elemental invasion, Mekkatorque protected the Military Ward of Ironforge from the Elements.

Cut Short

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

As the push to retake Gnomeregan continued, Gelbin was eager to inspect his old living quarters of Sector 17, which was recently retaken. Finding it somewhat odd as to how easily the section was retaken, Gelbin was caught up in his own emotions, remembering the past and the fall of Gnomeregan. After years of having to put a strong image for his people, Gelbin finally let his emotions out, weeping over the loss of his people; feeling somewhat better after doing so. As he prepared to leave, he found his mithril spectacles on the arm of his troll chair, left behind during the rush to evacuate the city. Picking them up, he realized too late that it was a trap set out by Thermaplugg as a trip wire was tied to the glasses.

Having ordered his guards away so he could inspect his old quarters, and having forgotten his weapon Wrenchcalibur, Gelbin was surrounded by three Troggs as Thermaplugg gloated via intercom over Mekkatorque's falling for his trap. Through careful manipulation and usage of his surroundings, Gelbin successfully dispatched the troggs unarmed. Not willing to allow Gelbin escape after all this time, Thermaplugg arrived to deal with Mekkatorque personally. Yet in the end he too was outwitted by the High Tinkerer. Having repurposed the trap's trigger mechanism to take out the troggs, Gelbin released a tensely wound spring that had been holding up more weight than it should have been, which resulted in Thermaplugg being cut in half, losing his legs in the process. Thermaplug did survive though due to his destroyed battle suit cauterizing his wounds, likely with minimal blood loss. Gelbin decided to leave him for dead so that his suffering would be prolonged, citing it as an appropriate punishment for his crimes against the gnomes. He decided that if the rats or the troggs didn't kill Thermaplugg, then he'd think of no one better to lead the troggs than one of their own.[18]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Gelbin in New Tinkertown.

Following the Shattering, Mekkatorque returned his attention to Gnomeregan which had aired out. He can now be found under a tent at New Tinkertown, the portions of Gnomeregan's surface reclaimed during the battle against Thermaplugg. Gelbin led the gnomes in retrieving gnome survivors and slowly reclaiming portions of Gnomeregan, such as the Old Dormitory. He has been fighting against Thermaplugg's irradiated gnome forces, who are bent on keeping the gnomes from rebuilding and finishing their reclamation of Gnomeregan. Mekkatorque eventually leads a combined gnome and dwarven force in defeating one of Thermaplugg's most loyal henchmen, Razlo Crushcog.[19]


WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Gelbin represented the gnomes in the vote to include Gilneas into the Alliance. When he arrived, he had a little argument with Drukan. They soon made peace during the banquet, when he was approached by Drukan and had a private talk with him.[20]

Tides of War

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

When word reached the rest of the Alliance of the fall of Theramore Gelbin personally journeyed to Stormwind. Upon arriving he and other Alliance leaders and representatives began planning a counter attack against the Horde's naval blockade of Kalimdor. Over the course of the meeting Gelbin quietly asked if anyone had been to Theramore following its destruction. He was then informed by Prince Anduin that Jaina Proudmoore herself had been there. While voicing joy at her survival Gelbin couldn't help but wonder why Jaina wasn't helping them in strategizing. He was informed by King Varian Wrynn that she was pursuing her own methods.[21]

Siege of Orgrimmar

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Mekkatorque shows up in the Underhold to help Alliance adventurers against Kor'kron soldiers. He is then later seen after Garrosh is defeated.

War Crimes

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Gelbin, alongside other Alliance leaders received a letter from Xuen inviting them to the trial of Garrosh Hellscream and was present in the Temple of the White Tiger.[22]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Gelbin fighting on the Broken Shore.

With the events about to unfold on the Broken Shore, High Tinker Mekkatorque has commanded his people to get outfitted and ready for battle — any way they know how, leading to the creation of gnomish hunters.[23] Mekkatorque and a contingent of Gnomeregan Tinkerers accompanied King Varian Wrynn's vanguard on the assault on the Broken Shore. Mekkatorque fights at the Broken Shore on his own steam armor and uses it to call in air support from the Alliance gunship Skyfire at King Varian's command. During the Battle for the Broken Shore, the Alliance forces are left vulnerable by the Horde's unexpected retreat. The Alliance try to retreat on the Skyfire but is impeded by a summoned fel reaver. The Alliance forces watched helplessly as King Varian Wrynn sacrificed himself by distracting the Burning Legion forces so that the Alliance forces can fly to safety. In the aftermath of the battle, Mekkatorque attends the funeral of Varian Wrynn.[24]

When an Alliance player reaches Prestige Rank 2, Gelbin can be found in Stormwind Keep alongside other notable leaders of the Alliance. During A [100] A Royal Audience, he is present at the ceremony hosted by King Anduin Wrynn that congratulates the character for their battles against the Horde, following their receiving of the  [Grand Marshal's Medal of Valor] from the King, as well as an artifact appearance.

Before the Storm

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Gelbin was present in a meeting with Magni Bronzebeard in Ironforge. He was accompanied by his advisor Captain Tread Sparknozzle. He wondered whether Azeroth could heal herself. He also received Azerite samples to study and chose Sapphronetta Flivvers to go to Silithus.[25]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Mekkatorque and his forces joined the Battle for Lordaeron with the help of Alleria Windrunner, who created a Void portal to transport both his gnomish troops and her own void elves.[26]

During the Siege of Zuldazar, Mekkatorque dueled Gallywix and serves as a boss for Horde players.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Brewfest ?? 5,578,000
New Tinkertown ?? 19,018,400
Kor'kron Barracks 103 87,227,400
The Inner Sanctum 113 104,450,600
B [98] The Battle for Broken Shore ?? 329,045,207
A [98] The Fallen Lion ?? 1,438,233,728
A [98] Demons Among Us 113 2,301,174
A [100] A Royal Audience 113 1,380,704,384
A [1] The Great Gnomeregan Race 110 1,143,193,700
Stormwind Embassy ?? 11,174,900
Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
B [110 - 120] The Battle for Lordaeron ?? 10,224,000


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.

Operation Gnomeregan


WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Gelbin Mekkatorque invented the mechanostrider, the gyromatic micro-adjustor, the repair bot, the Deeprun Tram, and the prototype of the dwarven siege engine.[4] He wields a weapon named Wrenchcalibur.[12][27]

Personality and traits

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Gelbin Mekkatorque, before the fall of Gnomeregan, was the absolute peak of all things a Gnome could aspire to be, a brilliant tinker who invented countless wonderful inventions and a trusting friend who valued his fellow gnomes. After the fall of their city and the massive loss of gnome lives, Mekkatorque grew far more weary and consumed with guilt, as he felt it was his fault for trusting Sicco Thermaplug, his close friend, in his attempt to rid them of the Trogg problem plaguing the city. Guilt, and a desire to not be pitied by the Dwarves who had take them in, would plague Mekkatorque until Gnomeregan was assaulted by his forces. The lives lost still weighed heavily on his mind,despite systematically beginning to reclaim their home and his hope dimmed for the future, as the melancholy of his life before the fall of Gnomeregan clung to his heart and mind until Thermaplugg tried to kill him in his recently reclaimed quarters. During the fight, Mekkatroque regains his hope for the future, and realizing that despite Thermaplug's betrayal, it had been because of his friends, the Alliance, and everyone's hard to work who had died in reclaiming the city for the sake of the Gnomes. Mekkatorque has now banished his inner demons, regaining his hope and belief that trust in his friends, will cause Gnomeregan to not only raise again, but to be even better then it once was.[18]

Aside from his own personal feelings, Mekkatorque is incredibly inventive, and quick witted during a fight. Before becoming High Tinker, Mekkatorque invented an incredible amount of useful items, of which he believed would benefit all of Gnomekind. Above all, he exemplifies what is best in Gnomes, which is why he was elected to the position of High Tinker and is still a much beloved leader amongst them, as he is creative, and compassionate. He is motivated by curiosity, inventiveness, and altruism. His biggest flaw is his own inability to properly deal with his emotions because he feels he must be a leader first and foremost, and be "Gelbin", second. For Mekkatorque, understanding the universal laws of the world and science is easier then understanding himself, but even then, he can come to learn and grow as a person given enough time and personal reflection. His friendships and responsibility to his people and the Alliance are what guide him as a person and as a leader.[18]


  • "I trusted Thermaplugg. Never did I expect that he would betray us."[28]
  • "Once again, Gnomeregan will be our home!"[29]
  • "A properly accelerated gnome in battle is a thing of terrible beauty."[30]

World of Warcraft

Mekkatorque's voice was changed in patch 3.3.3, as were his lines of dialogue.

  • I just love to tinker!
  • Necessity is the first cousin of invention.
  • Welcome, friend! (Added in 3.3.3)
  • Why hello there! How can I help? (Added in 3.3.3)
  • Hello there! Welcome to Tinkertown. (Removed in 3.3.3)
  • Any news from Gnomeregan? (Removed in 3.3.3)
I won't stand for that!
Killing a player
Pick on someone your own size!

During Operation: Gnomeregan

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

At last it is time for the exiled gnomes to return.
Once again Gnomeregan will be our home!

Gossip What is going on here?

The dwarves have kept us safe in their home for some time now, and for that we thank them. However, the traitorous Thermaplugg's occupation of our home must at last come to an end.
Gnomeregan has festered beneath the atomic weight of our ill-conceived plan for too long. The detonation of the radiation bombs drove us from our city, but now we possess the technology to take it back!
We will regain what is ours... and bring Thermaplugg to justice!

Gossip What is your plan?

Operation: Gnomeregan is divided into a number of phases:
First, we must retake the air tower. This will allow our planes to give us air support as we move towards Gnomeregan's main entrance.
In addition, a cache of mechanized Battle Suits was discovered in one of the nearby buildings. Once we have those suits, our assault on the entrance should be unstoppable.
Then, we go straight for Thermaplugg in the heart of Gnomeregan!
Main article: Operation: Gnomeregan (quest)#Script event

New Tinkertown

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Operation: Gnomeregan was a success. Sure, that dastardly Thermaplugg had an unforeseen trick up his sleeve, but we have him on the run! It's only a matter of time before Gnomeregan is cleaned up and in our hands again!
Main article: The Fight Continues#Notes
Main article: Down with Crushcog!#Notes

Siege of Orgrimmar

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

My expertise is needed elsewhere, heroes! When you see Garrosh, tell him he should've invested in gnomish technology!

Main article: Underhold Nexus#Quotes
Main article: Garrosh Hellscream (tactics)#Quotes


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Main article: The Battle for Broken Shore (Alliance)#Notes

Stormwind Embassy

The young king reminds me so much of his father. More than he realizes, I think.

He's the right person to lead this effort and bring new faces into the Alliance.

Notes and trivia

  • Gelbin was to appear in a scraped Legionfall Mage Tower challenge for stealth classes assisting the heroes to take the army of Sicco Thermaplugg and the traitorous gnome himself.[31]
  • As of Cataclysm, Mekkatorque is one of the five surviving Alliance rulers from the Second War, the others being King Magni Bronzebeard (who was petrified during the events of "The Shattering", but has returned as a crystalline herald for Azeroth.), Kurdran Wildhammer and Genn Greymane; King Terenas of Lordaeron, King Thoras Trollbane of Stromgarde, Admiral Proudmoore of Kul Tiras, Lord Perenolde of Alterac, Antonidas of Dalaran, King Anasterian Sunstrider of Quel'Thalas and, King Varian Wrynn have all died (all murdered with the exception of Perenolde, died in prison.) in the interim.
  • In World of Warcraft, Gelbin Mekkatorque is a few inches taller than other gnomes.
  • Engineer "Spark" Overgrind bore the title "Envoy of Mekkatorque".
  • High Tinker is an elected position, though the rulers are allowed to choose grand titles for themselves. Gelbin calls himself "King of Gnomes", which oddly seems to mirror Sicco Thermaplugg's self-styled title of "King of Gnomeregan", which was an act of egotism on his part. He does however, unlike Thermaplugg, acknowledge that he doesn't actually hold any legal authority.[32]
  • As mentioned above, High Tinker is an elected position, however there does not seem to be a limit to how long this position can be held. He was described as being High Tinker by the time of the second war, about twenty five years or so, and was said to have taken office at a young age. Given that Mekkatorque is actually an older Gnome (It's not currently known exactly how long gnomes live.), he has held the office for the majority of his life.
  • Mekkatorque is, like most gnomes, using a mechanostrider for traveling. The strider-model he is using seems to be a  [White Mechanostrider Mod B] that can be seen when he is venturing outside Ironforge during Brewfest. While this mount give players a 100% speed increase, the one Mekkatorque use is moving much slower and can actually be outrun by a 60% speed increase-mount. Still, it moves faster than a player is able to run and seems to, conveniently, be instant-cast. As Mekkatorque is slightly larger than other gnomes, his mechanostrider is also a little larger than the same model when used by a player. During Operation Gnomeregan he was seen riding another type of mechanostrider, a blue version of the 100%-speed one. He still chose to use his old Mod B when he attended Brewfest the same year.
  • During Operation: Gnomeregan Mekkatorque says "IT'S A TRAP! That's a fully functional irradiator!" which is a reference to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi where Admiral Ackbar yells "It's a trap!" after discovering that the second Death Star is functional and that they've been lead into a trap.
  • Gelbin and Vol'jin, the Darkspear leader, share a number of odd similarities. Both of them were betrayed by a most trusted friend (Sicco/Zalazane), both were forced out of their homes, both lead a force to retake their home land (Operation: Gnomeregan/Zalazane's Fall), during Brewfest both of them rode out of their respective cities to the festival grounds at 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. each day for the ceremonial tapping of the keg, and prior to the Cataclysm they both were in another race's "capital" (Ironforge/Orgrimmar).
    • Furthermore, both Vol'jin and Gelbin are unattackable by members of the opposite faction, and are not part of the Horde [For the Horde!] or Alliance [For the Alliance!] achievements respectively.
  • In moments when Gelbin is overcome with feelings of distress, he calms himself by closing his eyes and counting prime numbers until the feelings retreat.[4]
  • Strangely, Gelbin was friendly to Horde players from Patch 4.0.3a until Patch 4.1.
  •  [High Tinker Mekkatorque's Silver Coin] can be fished from the Dalaran Fountain.
  • Gelbin is voiced by Dino Andrade.
  • He appears in the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game's Drums of War set as well as the Throne of the Tides set.
  • He appears as a legendary card in Hearthstone. The golden version of the card is no longer obtainable and was rewarded to players who helped test the in-game store during the game's beta test. His flavor text reads: "He's the leader of the gnomes, and an incredible inventor. He's getting better, too; He turns things into chickens WAY less than he used to."



Patch changes

  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1.0 (2018-12-11): New model.
  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): Level updated to 120.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Level updated to 110.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Level updated to 100.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Level updated to 90.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.1.0 (2011-04-26): No longer friendly to Horde players.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23):
    • Moved to Gnomeregan.
    • Updated for level 85.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.3.3 (2010-03-23): New model and voice lines.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Level updated to 80.
  • The Burning Crusade Patch 2.0.1 (2006-12-05): Level updated to 70.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.7.0 (2005-09-22): Racial leaders have been made stronger and are now worth slightly less Honor.


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