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Level: 100 - 110
Battle Pet Level: 25
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Northern Broken Isles

PvP status

Contested territory (PvP realms only)

Sources: World of Warcraft: Legion
Few places in Azeroth are as beautiful — or as perilous — as Highmountain. Its rugged slopes teem with wild beasts, roaring waterfalls, and breathtaking views. A vast network of caverns winds through the mountain's heart, holding legendary treasures and secrets from Azeroth's distant past.[1]

Highmountain is a zone that dominates the northern horizon of the Broken Isles with its jagged peak. It is one of the last great frontiers of the isles,[2] named in honor of Huln Highmountain for his bravery in the War of the Ancients.[3]


Following the war against the Iron Horde, the Burning Legion began to invade Azeroth through the Tomb of Sargeras. The tauren of Highmountain, descended from Huln Highmountain and other tauren who had fought in the War of the Ancients,[4] had been living in peace with the local drogbar for generations, but when the Legion invaded, the drogbar stole the taurens' sacred artifact, the  [Hammer of Khaz'goroth]. The Highmountain are now at risk of being taken over by the drogbar and their king Dargrul the Underking, ruling his kin from the former lair of the black aspect Neltharion.

As is his habit when new parts of the world are ready to be discovered, the one and only Hemet Nesingwary makes his way to the mountains of the Broken Isles in search of new and exotic dangerous animals to hunt.

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The namesake mountain of this region, Highmountain Peak, is among the tallest mountains in all of Azeroth, and the Highmountain range which surrounds it is filled with untamed wilds, deep canyons, fertile valleys and icy peaks.[4] Because the waters of Highmountain flow into Suramar, Stormheim, and Val'sharah, the area serves as the lifeblood of virtually every region on the Broken Isles. Below the surface of the region lies an infinite network of tunnels and caverns, with steam and warmth implying potential volcanic activity.[5]

Maps and subregions

Map of Highmountain.


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Neltharion's Lair 100-110 5 player Unknown

Travel hubs

A sunset over Highmountain, seen from Thunder Totem.
NeutralFlight Paths from Thunder Totem
NeutralFlight Paths from Nesingwary's Retreat
NeutralFlight Paths from The Witchwood
NeutralFlight Paths from Felbane Camp
NeutralFlight Paths from Skyhorn
NeutralFlight Paths from Sylvan Falls
NeutralFlight Paths from Stonehoof Watch
NeutralFlight Paths from Prepfoot
NeutralFlight Paths from Shipwreck Cove
NeutralFlight Paths from Ironhorn Enclave
NeutralFlight Paths from Obsidian Overlook
HunterFlight Paths from Trueshot Lodge

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Stormheim AllianceHorde 100-110 (scaled) Southeast By foot or by flight path
Val'sharah AllianceHorde 100-110 (scaled) Southwest By foot or by flight path

Notable characters

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