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For Ornamm's tribe, see Highmountain tribe (Legends). For the achievement for reaching exalted status, see [Highmountain Tribe].
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The Highmountain Tribe is the dominant tribe of the Highmountain tauren of the Broken Isles, currently led by High Chieftain Mayla Highmountain.


War of the Ancients

The Highmountain are descendants of the hero Huln Highmountain, also known as "Huln of the Eagle Spear" and the members of the tribes he united. During the War of the Ancients, 10,000 years ago, he united the warring Rivermane, Bloodtotem, and Skyhorn tribes of his homeland under the banner of the Highmountain.[1] Huln was chosen by Krasus to lead his people against the Burning Legion alongside Unng Ak of the furbolgs and Dungard Ironcutter of the earthen. For his bravery during the war, Huln received a blessing from the Wild God Cenarius, so that his people would forever have the demigod's favor: the Horns of Eche'ro, which transformed the horns of Huln and his followers into moose-like antlers.[2] After the war, Huln returned to his homeland and used a titan artifact known as the  [Hammer of Khaz'goroth] to banish the traitorous Dragon Aspect Deathwing and free his drogbar slaves as well as a single uncorrupted black dragon egg. In his honor, the four tribes named the region "Highmountain".[3]


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Thunder Totem

When the night elves who founded the Unseen Path left Mount Hyjal to return to the Broken Isles, the Highmountain tauren recognized the nobility of their cause and offered them friendship. It was the descendants of Huln Highmountain who led the Unseen Path to Talon Peak where they built their base known as Trueshot Lodge. Since the Burning Legion's return, the Highmountain have helped restore the lodge, such as replacing two damaged watch towers with tauren structures.[4]

Millennia later, Huln's descendants continue to live in Thunder Totem on the Broken Isles. With the death of High Chieftain Ulan, his daughter Mayla has become the High Chieftain of the accord between Highmountain, Rivermane, Skyhorn and Bloodtotem. Unfortunately, the theft of the Hammer of Khaz'goroth by Dargrul the Underking and his drogbar has shattered the unity of the four tribes. Despite the attempts at a reunion of the tribes by an adventurer, the Bloodtotem betrayed the other tribes by joining the Burning Legion. In their place, the drogbar Navarrogg and his Stonedark tribe joined the Highmountain's cause instead.[5]


They use Highmountain War-Drums.


Faction description

The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.


Ransa Greyfeather
<Highmountain Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type Other
Friendly  [Whitewater Carp] 100g Toy
Honored Recipe: Gleaming Iron Spike 550g Blacksmithing plans
Design: Skystone Loop (Rank 3) 550g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
 [Boon of the Butcher] 100g Shoulder enchant
 [Treasure Map: Highmountain] 20g Treasure map
Revered  [Harpy-Hunter's Gloves] 1,000g Leather hands
 [Darkshard Fragment] 500g Toy
 [Baby Elderhorn] 500g Companion
Recipe: Drums of the Mountain (Rank 2) 550g Leatherworking pattern Rank 2
Exalted  [Mountainforged Chain Hauberk] 5,000g Mail chest
 [Tabard of the Highmountain Tribe] 300g Tabard
Recipe: Demonsteel Armguards (Rank 3) 1,500g Blacksmithing plans Rank 3
Recipe: Demonsteel Gauntlets (Rank 3) 1,500g Blacksmithing plans Rank 3
Recipe: Demonsteel Breastplate (Rank 3) 1,500g Blacksmithing plans Rank 3
Design: Prophetic Band (Rank 3) 1,500g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Design: Dawnlight Band (Rank 3) 1,500g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Design: Ancient Maelstrom Amulet (Rank 3) 1,500g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Recipe: Drums of the Mountain (Rank 3) 3000g Leatherworking pattern Rank 3
Paragon  [Highmountain Elderhorn] Special Mount




The other Highmountain tribes and the Stonedark tribe of the drogbar are a part of the Highmountain Tribe as well.


  • During the Legion alpha, the faction's description had the following placeholder text: Highmountain Tauren like long walks on the beach and fruity cocktails.

Patch changes


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