His Eye Upon You (Alliance)

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AllianceHis Eye Upon You
Start Brother Pike
End Brother Pike [85.2, 50.0]
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Crucible of Storms
Experience 1,800
Rewards  [Twitching Eyeball]
2g 34s
Previous A [120] Twist the Knife
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [120] His Eye Upon You.


Meet Brother Pike near the Crucible of Storms to cleanse your "gift".


Something dark has taken root within you, <name>. The tendrils of N'Zoth are burrowing into your mind and soul, eager to consume everything you are.

I can perform a rite of cleansing, but only in a place that resonates with the very power that grips you.

Meet me near the Crucible of Storms. The ritual will be perilous and painful, but it is your only chance to be free.

The Old God has eyes everywhere. I do not wish you to become one of them.


You will receive:


There can be no treating with the darkness, <name>.


It is done. The darkness fades and your mind is once more your own.

You are free of N'Zoth's influence. Let us hope he does not seek to take hold of you again.


Brother Pike
Gossip I am ready to begin.
Are you sure you wish to cleanse the Gift of N'Zoth? You will not be able to undo this decision.
Brother Pike says: The evil that seeks to control you must be purged! I know a ritual that can help, but the process will be... unpleasant.
Brother Pike says: Now stand very still. I must excise N'Zoth's defilement from you.
Brother Pike channels the cleansing ritual to purge the adventurer of the curse.
Brother Pike says: I am pleased that the cleansing ritual didn't prove fatal. You are either very resilient... or very lucky.


  1. N [120] The Azsharan Medallion
  2. B [120] Orders from Azshara / B Priest [120] Orders from Azshara
  3. N [120] Every Little Death Helps / N Priest [120] Every Little Death Helps
  4. N [120] Unintended Consequences / N Priest [120] Unintended Consequences
  5. N [120] The Pirate's Treasure
  6. N [120] The Tempest Crown
  7. B [120] Twist the Knife
  8. Optional:

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