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For the official Warcraft III world editor, see Warcraft III World Editor.

HiveWE is an open source, fan-made world editor for Warcraft III created by the Hive Workshop team. It is meant to provide a fully functional replacement and improvement to the official world editor for Warcraft III. HiveWE is currently limited and in beta.[1]


  • Supports Warcraft III patch 1.29 (with latest release)[2]
  • Open and view Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne maps (not RoC yet)
  • Pathing Brush: Edit the pathing map and save it. Now you can just draw straight on the pathing map saving you lots of time and your map will load quicker too be because you don't have to place pathing blockers anymore.
  • First person camera (and allow switching between the standard and first person)[2]
  • And more additions with updates.[2]


  • Slow with lots of doodads (10.000+)
  • Doodad rendering is not 100% accurate (teamglow, billboards, etc)
  • Does not render units
  • Does not render ramps



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