Hoary Templar

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MobHoary Templar
Image of Hoary Templar
Title <Abyssal Council>
Race Air elemental (Elemental)
Level 60
Location Silithus

Hoary Templars are level 60 air elementals summoned in Silithus from a Lesser Wind Stone. The summoning ritual requires a Twilight Trappings set. To guarantee that the specific Abyssal Templar is summoned, an Object of Beckoning can be used.

Attacks and Abilities

The Hoary Templar is a bit harder for melee classes due to his high nature-based damage hits and his [Lightning Shield] that he recasts often just as all the charges are used up.

His damage output is also higher than the other templars. He can, however, be stunned and interrupted.



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