Holding Our Ground

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NeutralHolding Our Ground

110 (Requires 110)




14g 60s


N [110 Daily] Assault on Highmountain


N [110 Daily] Battle for Highmountain


Repel the Legion threat from Thunder Totem.


Though we anticipated a strong Legion presence, our attacks on their camps have angered their forces even further than anticipated. Our forces rally on both land and in the skies above Thunder Totem in an attempt to regain our footing.

Do what you can to reduce their forces. Once we've secured Thunder Totem we'll begin our plan for a final attack.


You will receive: 14g 60s


We must remember our allies who have fallen on this day and in their honor, continue our fight.

The time is upon us, <name>. Our riders are ready. Let us show the Burning Legion the true strength of Highmountain.


The first three requirements are all located on the ground below Thunder Totem. Once you're done there, head to the upper level of the main building.

Mayla Highmountain says: Lasan's riders have taken to the air. Call down his eagles to aid you in defense of Thunder Totem!
Incinerator Vythe says: Your disparate tribes are no match for our endless army!

After killing more demons and rallying the natives, take the south-east path out of Thunder Totem into Snowblind Mesa. Turn right before reaching the first bridge, where there four ritualists.

Lasan Skyhorn says: The pendulum swings in our favor! Make for the cliffs and dispose of that demon. I will meet you there once we've secured the skies.
Incinerator Vythe says: Insolent pests! Your efforts amount to NOTHING!

Kill the ritualists so that Instructor Vythe will appear.

Incinerator Vythe yells: Your precious world will burn!

Once you've killed her, Lasan will get your attention nearby.

Lasan Skyhorn says: <Name>! To me, quickly! We end this now!


  1. N [110 Daily] Assault on Highmountain
  2. N [110 Daily] Holding Our Ground
  3. N [110 Daily] Battle for Highmountain

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