Honest Jim

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AllianceHonest Jim
Image of Honest Jim
Title <Rare Goods Vendor>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Spires of Arak

Honest Jim is the Alliance aligned smuggler whose services adventurers acquire if they choose to construct the Smuggling Den at Southport in Spires of Arak. Every ten minutes, players with the Smuggling Den are able to summon him using the Smuggling Run! ability. He functions as a merchant, offering various items that offer beneficial buffs in the Spires of Arak, healing potions, and some other useful stock. His stock is randomized, and changes each time he is summoned.


Item Cost Description
 [Gronnskin Bag] 2,200g Sold exclusively by Jim & Linny, this item is a unique 28 slot bag.
 [Bloodmane Charm] 500g A toy that makes the user look like a saberon.
 [Crate of Stolen Resources] 50g Contains 20-75 [Garrison Resources].
 [Inactive Apexis Guardian] 400g Grants the Apexis guardian Ziri'ak as a follower.
 [Spirevine Fruit] x5 2g 56s A fruit that restores 170,000 health over 20 sec.
 [Smuggled Tonic] 2g 40s A tonic that restores 68,000 health. Only 5 can be carried at a time.
 [Tome of the Clear Mind] 50s Sold by inscription vendors and crafted by scribes, this tome is necessary to remove powerful glyphs and talents so that one may apply new ones. Reserved for those level 86 or higher.
 [Plume of Celerity] 5g 45s 95c Increases haste by 10% and movement speed by 10% for 60 min while in Spires of Arak.
 [Ogreblood Potion] 2g Increases damage and healing done by 20% for 60 min while in Spires of Arak.
 [Orb of the Souleater] 2g You gain 5% of all damage and healing you deal as healing for 60 min while in Spires of Arak.
 [Pridehunter's Fang] 2g All damage you deal also causes the target to bleed for 20% of damage over 4 sec. Lasts 60 min.
 [Ravenlord's Talon] 2g Reduces the Mana, Rage, Focus, Energy, and Runic Power cost of abilities by 30% for 60 min while in Spires of Arak.
 [Scavenger's Eyepiece] 2g You can sense nearby treasure, making it appear on your minimap for 60 min while in Spires of Arak.


If you’ve got the gold, I’ve got the goods!
Got some rare stuff here!
Ah, yes! I've got something special just for you.
Smuggling is my business.... and business is good.


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