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Honor talent

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Honor talents, also called PvP talents, are special abilities that can be chosen to augment your character, specifically tailored for PvP. Honor talents may be passive bonuses or active abilities. Each specialization has its own selection, with 18 honor talents split over 6 tiers. Honor talents are limited by rank, with a new tier becoming available every other rank until rank 10, and every 3 ranks after that. Most honor talents are class-specific, and a majority of choices depend on specialization. Honor talents offer a further level of customization beyond class and specialization selection, and can be changed very easily and cheaply.

Honor talents' effects are inactive when not flagged for PvP, such as world PvP, battlegrounds and arenas.

Full listings of the honor talents available to each class can be found on that class's abilities page, e.g.: Priest abilities.

Upon reaching level 50, you start gaining Prestige levels.

Gaining honor talents

PvP Talents in Battle for Azeroth.

Talents are split over 6 tiers, with 3 honor talents on each. Each tier is unlocked when the character reaches the appropriate rank:

Tier Honor Level Honor Level Honor Level
1 1 13 31
2 2 16 34
3 4 19 37
4 6 22 40
5 8 25 43
6 10 28 46

Official preview

From Legion PvP Preview:

Honor Talents are a special set of Talents that are only active when a player is in a PvP instance (such as a Battleground or Arena) or otherwise engaged in PvP combat, and work in addition to your normal Talents. They are unlocked, one at a time, as your Honor Level increases. So, by Honor Level 10, you'll have one option available in each row, but as you continue to increase your Honor Level, more and more options will become available for you to change up how you approach PvP gameplay.
For example, a Windwalker Monk who has reached Honor Level 10 can choose [Rushing Tiger Palm], which lets them use [Tiger Palm] at range to dash toward and slow their target. Or, a Restoration Druid who has reached Honor Level 46 can take [Deep Roots], which makes their [Entangling Roots] spell no longer break when the target is damaged.
Which Honor Talents you choose can have significant impact on how you play your character, and allow you to tailor your abilities to fit with the type of PvP content you're participating in, or even who you're playing with!


Patch changes

  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): Changed name from honor talent to PvP talent. Interface now embedded in the regular Talents tab instead of its own, and completely redesigned.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.