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Hook, Line, and... Sink Him! (Horde)

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HordeHook, Line, and... Sink Him!

100 (Requires 100)




H [100] The Train Gang


H [100] Nothing Remains


Use a Blackrock Grapple to reach Knar's bunker. Slay him to obtain Roark's Shipyard Blueprints.


I can build you a shipyard. And not some wasteful piece of over-engineering like this place.

But I'm going to need my blueprints. My work was confiscated when Gul'dan turned this harbor over to Admiral Knar.

<Roark spits.>

Gul'dan's green poison courses through Knar's veins. He's calling the shots from on high. We'll need to grapple up there to take him out.

On accept:

Solog Roark says: Let's get this over with. Gul'dan has turned these docks into a recruiting ground.
Solog runs over to the dead Iron Shieldborn in front of him and kneels.
Solog Roark loots a rifle from the corpse of a fallen foe.


Make your way across the docks.
Solog Roark says: Blackhand ordered construction of a gigantic cannon. Then I built a monstrous warship to carry it. Bigger isn't always better - our strategy fell apart in the waters around Shattrath.
Approach the Blackrock Grapple.
Solog Roark says: We normally use these grapples to tug ships into port...
Getting close will automatically complete the grappling operation and pull you and Solog to the top.
Solog Roark says: This is why you should cover your buildings in spikes!
Solog Roark says: I'll keep watch. Get my blueprints.
Solog has his rifle at the ready and looks out over the harbor.

I will rebuild.


<Solog Roark takes in the view of his harbor one final time.>

We built it all for nothing, <class>. Gul'dan will claim whatever your troops do not destroy.

Next time, I will build something that will last.


You will receive: 15g 40s



Agrroing Admiral Knar
Admiral Knar says: What is this filth doing on my docks!?
Admiral Knar says: Gul'dan... will finish this...

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