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For the Alliance version, see Alliance Bonfire.
Midsummer Fire Festival bonfire.png

The subject of this article or section is part of Midsummer Fire Festival, a seasonal event that lasts two weeks, after which it is no longer available until the next year.

The Horde Bonfire is located throughout horde areas (see locations) during the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Horde players can toss a  [Burning Blossom] onto one of these objects to not only gain [Fire Festival Fury] for themselves but also give the [Bonfire's Blessing] buff to every horde player that enters the zone, so long as the flame stays lit.

Alliance players can complete the quest A [120] Desecrate this Fire! at the bonfires, which will douse the flame and get rid of the Horde's zone-wide [Bonfire's Blessing] buff.



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