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Horde Field Scout

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HordeHorde Field Scout
Image of Horde Field Scout
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 65
Occupation Scout
Location Zangarmarsh [32, 48]

Horde Field Scout is a level 65 pvp rewards vendor located at Zabra'jin in the contested territory of Zangarmarsh. He is in one of the raised huts, looking out to the north. His Alliance counterpart is Alliance Field Scout.


Item Level Slot Price
 [Mark of Conquest] 62 Trinket  [Mark of Thrallmar] x 30
 [Mark of Defiance] 62 Trinket  [Mark of Thrallmar] x 30
Mark of Vindication#Horde 62 Trinket  [Mark of Thrallmar] x 30
Splintermark#Horde 62 Bow  [Mark of Thrallmar] x 15
Incendic Rod#Horde 62 Wand  [Mark of Thrallmar] x 15


Twin Spire Ruins is not yet secure! My orders are to only give out battle standards when the two beacons are lit and the area is secure. Get out there and gain control of those beacons!


  • He shares the same model with Jotek.

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