Horde Hauler

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HordeHorde Hauler
Image of Horde Hauler
Gender Male
Race Ettin (Uncategorized)
Level 20
Health 484
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Silverpine Forest

The Horde Hauler serves as a means of transportation for lower level characters within Silverpine Forest. The wagon is pulled by a Subdued Forest Ettin, and is driven by a Horde Engineer. Forsaken Troopers ride in it. It makes periodic stops along the main road at Forsaken High Command, the crossroads in front of The Sepulcher, and in The Forsaken Front. It only runs north-to-south, ejecting players at The Forsaken Front, and despawning shortly down the road.


Along its route, the Horde Engineer says things.

At Forsaken High Command:

Horde Engineer yells: ALL ABOARD! Next stop: The Sepulcher.

At The Sepulcher

Horde Engineer yells: ALL ABOARD! Last stop: The Forsaken Front!

At The Forsaken Front:

Horde Engineer says: Final stop, the Forsaken Front! EVERYBODY OUT!

Upon getting in:

Horde Engineer says: This is a one way trip, kid, and you definitely don't want to be comin' back on the other wagon.

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