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Horde Prisoner

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Not to be confused with Horde Prisoner (Blasted Lands) or Horde Prisoner (Abyssal Depths).
HordeHorde Prisoner
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Gender Both
Race(s) Zandalari troll, Goblin
Level 10-50
Reaction Horde
Location Zuldazar

Horde Prisoners are captured Zandalari trolls and goblins located in Zuldazar.

Objective of


  • I owe you!
  • I'm free!
  • Many thanks!
  • Nice work <name>
  • Some goblin ingenuity, and a lot of explosives, we could take this ship down!
  • This contraption is all wood. Find the fuel and we'll light it up!
  • You are full of suprises[sic].

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