Horde Siege Tank

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HordeHorde Siege Tank
Image of Horde Siege Tank
Race Demolisher (Mechanical)
Level 70
Health 53,892
Mana 15,775
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Warsong Offensive
Location Borean Tundra

Horde Siege Tanks are demolisher-like siege engines, parked on the coast west of Warsong Hold. They are used for the quest H [71] The Plains of Nasam.

Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.


  1. Inv gizmo supersappercharge.png  The Demoralizer (1000 mana) 10-70 yd yd range — Did somebody call for delivery? Scourge units on the Plains of Nasam can't get enough of this projectile. 5363 to 7637 damage to all Scourge in its blast radius. 0.5 casting time (1.5 sec cooldown)
  2. Inv misc bomb 09.png  Land Mine Barrier (2000 mana) — The siege tank drops 8 Warsong land mines in a circle around itself. Used to take out what the Meatpounder left behind. instant cast (20 sec cooldown)
  3. Ability smash.png  Meatpounder (400 mana) — Unleashes the Meatpounder! Short range, maximum carnage! 0.3333 sec cast, 4538-6462 damage, 12 yard radius (1 sec cooldown)
  4. Inv misc sawblade 01.png  Meatsaw (600 mana) — Unleashes the Meatsaw! Short range, maximum carnage! channeled, 6 seconds duration (30 sec cooldown)
  5. Inv misc grouplooking.png  Rescue Injured Soldier 5 yd yd range — Grab an injured Warsong soldier and pull them inside. 1 sec cast


The tank runs out of mana fairly quickly, and regenerates very slowly. There are pinkish-red barrels on the field that explode when you run over them, providing your tank with some mana.

Rescued soldiers improve your tank:

  • engineers make the tank 30% faster and use Goblin Dragon Gun and super shrink ray
  • mages cast pyroblast, arcane blast, and blizzard
  • shamans use chain lighting for 5.5k
  • warriors hit for 800, cleave for 1,100 damage, and heroic strike for 4.8k


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