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Hostage Situation

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NeutralHostage Situation

110 (Requires 110)




9g 70s


N [110] Missing Persons, N [110] More Like Me



Go to Astravar Harbor and join a group of captives being taken to Felsoul Hold.

  • Join Group of Captives
  • Find the Staging Area


Our own people, sacrificed to the Legion!

We need to intercept a transport if we intend to put an end to this trade. I'm afraid this does mean you will be playing the part of a captive, my friend.

Before voicing your concerns, try to have a little faith.

We will follow behind in one of Deline's boats and break you out once we know where they are going.

Go to the harbor and find a group of captives. Stand among them. Allow yourself to be taken.

We will not be far.


You will receive: 9g 70s


Thank you for taking this risk. Let us put an end to this now!



Go to Astravar Harbor and click on a line of chained prisoners to join them. A Soul Engine Jailer then appears.

Soul Engine Jailer yells: Line them up!
Soul Engine Jailer says: Ah, look, another prisoner!
The player is chained up to the others.
Soul Engine Jailer says: Just in time for the next ferry. It's off to the Soul Engine with you!

A cutscene plays, showing the jailers sail away on the boat with the prisoners on board. Deline sails after it from a distance with Silgryn, Arluelle and Victoire aboard her gondola. Upon arriving at Felsoul Advance, the fighters leap to the beach and ambush the demons, freeing you.


  1. N [110] Insurrection: Missing Persons (optional)
  2. N [110] Continuing the Cure
  3. N [110] Disillusioned Defector
  4. N [110] Missing Persons & N [110] More Like Me
  5. N [110] Hostage Situation
  6. N [110] In the Business of Souls & N [110] Smuggled!
  7. N [110] Waning Refuge

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