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Summary info on World of Warcraft hotfixes.

Additional info:

  • For information on specific patches, please see Patches.
  • For info on known bugs and other issues which may be fixed in the upcoming patch see the Known issues page.
  • For official Blizzard descriptions of types of patches, see Patch FAQ.
  • For articles related to patches, see Patches category.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all official announcements of hotfixes can be found in a Hotfixes blog post - the link for which is found at the top of every month's hotfixes.


See: Hotfixes: January 7 - January 9 | 2019-01-10 00:00 by Blizzard Entertainment

January 9

  • Dungeons and Raids
    • Raid group size no longer affects the drop rates of Mythic-only mounts.
    • Nighthold
      • Resolved an issue that caused Skorpyron's Broken Shard to not apply correctly to those standing behind it.
    • Shrine of the Storm
      • Lord Stormsong's Mind Rend impact damage significantly reduced.
      • Vol'zith the Whisperer's health reduced by 10%.
  • Island Expeditions
    • Lootable Seafarer's Dubloons can once again spawn on the ground in Island Expeditions.
  • Items
    • Armor items purchasable for Titan Residuum from Thaumatuge Vashreen are now refundable.
    • Heart of Azeroth
      • Mage
        • Quick Thinking will now correctly activate when casting Frozen Orb, or when casting Blizzard with Freezing Rain, and will no longer sometimes incorrectly activate multiple times on a single spell cast.
      • Shaman
        • Fixed an issue which caused Primal Primer to misbehave when used by multiple players against the same target.
  • Player versus Player
    • Isle of Conquest
      • Fixed a bug causing Generals to take too much damage from the Glaive Thrower vehicle
      • Significantly reduced the damage done to players by Generals' Dagger Throw ability.
      • Generals will no longer reset their health to full when returning to their spawn point after being pulled.
      • Repairing a Keep Cannon can no longer be interrupted by damage.
      • Glaive Throwers health increased by 30%, and their damage done to players has been increased.
    • Monk
      • Windwalker
        • Fixed a bug that caused Monks to not parry some attacks with Fists of Fury modified by Turbo Fists.
    • Paladin
      • Holy
        • Fixed a bug that caused Divine Favor to be consumed incorrectly when queued immediately after a Flash of Light or Holy Light.
      • Retribution
        • Ultimate Retribution no longer incorrectly triggers Crusade's cooldown when a nearby player falls below 25% health.
    • Rogue
        • Resolved an issue that could cause Vanish to be incorrectly removed early by Azerite Traits such as Dagger in the Back.
  • Quests
    • Players who have completed the "Pre-Flight Checklist" can now complete "Twilight Skies."

January 7

  • Classes
    • Hunter
      • Heart of Azeroth
        • Fixed an issue where multiple Hunters could not stack Latent Poison onto the same target.
      • Beast Mastery
        • Dire Beast will no longer incorrectly summon two beasts at a time in certain zones.
      • Survival
        • Fixed an issue where multiple Survival Hunters could not have Internal Bleeding from Wildfire Infusion on the same target at the same time.
    • Shaman
      • Enhancement
        • Using Sundering will now correctly remove Ghost Wolf.
  • Dungeons and Raids
    • Temple of Sethraliss
      • Adderis no longer changes facing while casting Cyclone Strike.
    • Tol Dagor
      • Overseer Korgus's Heavy Cannons' Massive Blast damage now properly increases with increased dungeon difficulty. Base damage decreased by 25%.
    • Tomb of Sargeras
      • The Gates of Hell Wing no longer requires a minimum number of players on Raid Finder difficulty.
    • Uldir
      • G'Huun
        • Malignant Growth can no longer be spell reflected.
        • G'huun's health reduced by 5% on all difficulties.
  • Items
    • Mistletoe now requires the Feast of Winter Veil and is cleared from players' bags after the holiday ends.
      • Developers' note: We like fun holiday buffs adding flavor to the game and we don't want to prevent them from being used in raids and dungeons. We also don't like unusable items taking up inventory space the rest of the year. We expect to make future holiday buff items follow the same pattern.
  • Player versus Player
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to drop the Temple of Kotmogu orbs by using specific mounts.
    • Resolved an issue that caused Call to Arms to not count battleground victories at level 120.
    • Secret Supply Chests are now lootable once per factional assault.
    • Druid
      • Restoration
        • Nourish (PvP Talent) and Mark of the Wild (PvP Talent) are now properly affected by Astral Influence.
    • Priest
      • Shadow
        • Fixed an issue that caused Mind Bomb to ignore diminishing returns.
    • Shaman
      • Counterstrike Totem (PvP Talent) will no longer aggro nearby critters when cast.
  • Professions
    • The acheivements Working as a Team and Working Better as a Team should now properly display which professions have met the criteria of the achievement.
    • Mass prospecting recipes should now be available on the Jewelcrafting trainers for Battle for Azeroth ores.
  • Toys
    • Bewitching Tea Set now has a 15-minute cooldown.
    • Rhan'ka's Escape Plan is no longer usable in Mythic keystone dungeons, raids, or rated PvP areas.
  • World Quests
    • Fixed a bug that caused Doomrider Helgrim to sometimes not respawn appropriately.