Houndmaster Shaw

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Not to be confused with Master Mathias Shaw.
NeutralHoundmaster Shaw
Image of Houndmaster Shaw
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Royal Master of Hounds, thieftaker
Location Witchwood, Gilneas
Companion(s) Bubba, Butch, Princess

This article contains information and lore exclusive to Hearthstone, and is considered non-canon.

They're good dogs, Tess.
— Flavor text

Houndmaster Shaw is a human featured in the The Witchwood expansion for Hearthstone. Shaw is one of King Genn Greymane's finest thieftakers, and has been tasked by the king to investigate the rumors of the doomsaying "Crowskin" cult.[1] A renowned hunter of criminal, beast, and monster, the man known as Houndmaster Shaw has humble roots. In fact, he is he is rumored to have been raised by a pack of hounds on the streets of Gilneas City. While that story is of dubious provenance, Shaw has an almost supernatural way with the animals in his care, and he ascended from the gutters into the king's service as a thieftaker and master of hounds — all on his own merits. While Shaw doesn't get on nearly as well with people as he does with his four-legged charges, he does get results, and the tracking ability of his prize hounds — Princess, Butch, and Bubba — as well as the shocking speed of his raids on thieves and smuggler's dens are the stuff of legend in the Gilnean underworld. While many others have given themselves over to fear under the influence of the curse, the unflappable houndmaster has been calmly getting to work. The sharp noses of his hounds, as well as his own keen instincts, have put him on the trail of the leader of the Crowskin cult. It's only a matter of time before he tracks the hag down in her lair.[2]

Shaw represents the "Houndmaster" class in the Monster Hunt single-player experience.


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