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NeutralHouse Ashvane
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Main leader

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Unknown (probably located in Tiragarde Sound)



House Ashvane is one of the four ruling houses of Kul Tiras. Lady Ashvane is the powerful matron of House Ashvane and seeks to bring Boralus under her control. They also control the Ashvane Trading Company. It is unknown where Priscilla's main residence is.

Their holdings include the Ashvane Company Yards and Ashvane Docks in Boralus, as well as the town of Bridgeport and the Ashvane Foundry.

Lord Ashvane died during the invasion of Durotar.[1]

Known members

Notes and trivia

  • During the alpha, A [110 - 120] A Nation Divided originally said that House Ashvane controlled the nation's wealth and had steadily amassed power over the years since Daelin Proudmoore's passing. The Ashvane Company held almost all of the official state contracts for trade and manufacturing; pretty much everybody worked for them in one way or another, even the gangs.
    • This remains somewhat true in the final product, though less explicitly, as Lady Ashvane's influence over Katherine herself gave her a great deal of freedom to do as she pleased, to the point that she could have legal verdicts delivered as she pleased and could use Tol Dagor to hold her enemies.


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