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House Duskmere commands respect through fear and that fear is not unfounded.

House Duskmere is one of several major noble houses within the nightborne aristocracy of Suramar City. The Duskmeres are cruel and calculating, and possess a sense of superiority common among Suramar's nobility. Ruven Duskmere would align his house firmly with Grand Magistrix Elisande and her Burning Legion allies during the Nightfallen rebellion, even choosing to become one of the Felborne himself. In the aftermath of the civil war and House Duskmere's fall from power, it is unclear whether the house remains active.

Known members

Name Notes Status
IconSmall Nightborne Male.gif Ruven Duskmere Heir to House Duskmere and among the first of the nightborne felsworn. Killed during the Nightfallen rebellion by rebel forces. Deceased
IconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Unnamed noblewoman Mother to Ruven Duskmere and possible head of the family.[1] Alive
Other members and staff


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

When the Nightfallen rebellion erupted in Suramar City, House Duskmere quickly sided with Grand Magistrix Elisande and her forces, along the vast majority of the nobility. While influential, House Duskmere owed much of its power to the heir to the house, Ruven. The Duskmeres would embrace the secrets of Elisande's Burning Legion allies, with Ruven Duskmere himself becoming one of the few Felborne. Ruven and his fellow Duskmeres eventually began smuggling nightborne citizens out of the city by water as prisoners, for their souls to be used to power the Legion's war effort.

As the conflict raged, the position of advisor to the Grand Magistrix became available, and was quickly contested by the nobility. House Duskmere remained a close ally of House Stelleris, owing to the personal relationship between Ruven and Coryn Stelleris, and the Duskmeres would support Coryn in his bid for the title. Their chief opponent, Ly'leth Lunastre (secretly working with the Nightfallen), worked to undo this alliance. Rebel champions would assassinate Ruven Duskmere in the Midnight Court, and rumors were intentionally spread that Coryn Stelleris was responsible.[2]

Ruven's death and the subsequent rumors would turn House Duskmere against House Stelleris, who they now blamed for the murder. This would result in Ly'leth Lunastre winning the election and, after Coryn's death in Tal'ashar, taking the role of Advisor to the Grand Magistrix.


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