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We shall pick apart our enemies piece by piece, like a mana bun. Oh — now I am hungry.
Ly'leth Lunastre[1]

House Lunastre is one of the largest and most influential of the nightborne noble houses based in Suramar City. Powerful and aristocratic in a society that values both qualities, the Lunastres remain one of the guiding factions among the shal'dorei, and are currently under the stewardship of Lady Ly'leth Lunastre.

House Lunastre is based from the Lunastre Estate, on the western upper levels of Suramar. This is in contrast to the other noble houses, who generally reside in the eastern half of the city proper, and highlights the Lunastres' less haughty attitude among their brethren. There exists a large number of servants and other agents continuously in the employ of House Lunastre, who show unflinching loyalty toward their patrons.[2]


While House Lunastre held prominence since at least one generation beforehand, the faction's true significance arose at the time of the Nightfallen rebellion. Having succeeded her late (and possibly assassinated)[3] father as leader of the house, Ly'leth Lunastre secretly allied her family with the fledgling Nightfallen rebels against Grand Magistrix Elisande. Throughout the coming conflict, the resources of House Lunastre would play a major role furthering the rebel cause, and would allow them to gain a foothold in Suramar City.

House Lunastre, along with its allied houses, would eventually contest an opening for the position of advisor to the Grand Magistrix; Ly'leth herself would eventually succeed to the position,[4] continuing to work covertly for the Nightfallen cause from within the Nighthold itself. Towards the conclusion of the civil war, Ly'leth and her family's loyalties would be discovered, leading to her imprisonment.[5] She would ultimately be freed when the Nighthold fell to the insurgents.

Following the Nightfallen rebellion, Ly'leth (and by extension House Lunastre) held increased influence as part of Suramar's new government led by First Arcanist Thalyssra. Though the rebellion had caused some rifts within the family, the house was once again fully united in its aftermath. They would subsequently join the Horde along with the rest of the nightborne of Suramar some time before the beginning of the Fourth War.


Name Notes Status
IconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Ly'leth Lunastre Leader of House Lunastre and member of Suramar's government following the Nightfallen rebellion. Alive
IconSmall Nightborne Male.gif Ran'thos Lunastre Former head of the family and father to Ly'leth. Died under suspicious circumstances shortly before the civil war. Deceased
IconSmall Nightborne Male.gifIconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Anarys Lunastre Youngest child of Ran'thos Lunastre and sibling to Ly'leth. Opposed their sister and the Nightfallen during the rebellion, but later reconciled with them. Alive
IconSmall Nightborne Male.gif Ardrias Apprentice jeweler residing in the The Grand Promenade, and Cousin to Ly'leth and Anarys. Alive
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