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House Stelleris is a major noble house based in the nightborne city of Suramar. Within nightborne aristocracy, House Stelleris occupies one of the highest positions, and stands as one of the most powerful of such factions within the city. Like most of Suramar's nobility, House Stelleris is based from the Noble District located around the Court of Stars. They are notorious for employing underhanded and cruel tactics to achieve their goals.

House Stelleris has traditionally been allied with House Duskmere, and has been seen to stand against Houses Lunastre and Astravar. Following the Nightfallen rebellion and the death of its leader Coryn, it is unknown if House Stelleris still remains active.

Known members

Name Notes Status
IconSmall Nightborne Male.gif Coryn Stelleris Lord of House Stelleris during the Nightfallen rebellion. Killed in Tal'ashar by a champion of Ly'leth Lunastre. Deceased
Other members and staff


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

At the time of the Nightfallen rebellion in Suramar City, House Stelleris was led by Lord Coryn and wielded significant power in and around the city's Noble District. Unlike the more sympathetic House Lunastre, members of House Stelleris displayed all the haughtiness and disdain commonplace among nightborne nobility.

As the conflict escalated, the position of advisor to Grand Magistrix Elisande became available for aspiring members of the aristocracy, who scrambled to claim the honor. Lord Coryn Stelleris quickly became one of the chief contenders, and fought viciously against Lady Ly'leth Lunastre for the title. Though House Stelleris attempted to coerce House Astravar into supporting their bid by kidnapping Ailen Astravar, this plan failed with the intervention of Ly'leth's allies.[1]

Ruven, a close friend of Coryn and head of House Duskmere, would soon be killed by Nightfallen rebel agents (who Ly'leth was secretly in league with); rumors were soon spread by opponents of House Stelleris that Coryn was responsible for the murder. These events would lead to House Duskmere turning against Coryn and House Stelleris, whose reputation was ruined by the incident. Ly'leth would subsequently win election to the position and travel to the Sanctum of Order to accept the appointment.[2]

Despite the setbacks, Coryn refused to concede defeat and would confront Ly'leth personally within the Sanctum of Order, challenging her to Tal'ashar for the title. In the ensuing duel between Coryn and Ly'leth's chosen champion, Coryn would be slain. Now unopposed, Ly'leth claimed the position of advisor.[3]

Even after Ly'leth Lunastre's victory in the election, House Stelleris continued to harass her allies and attempt to disrupt her support base, specifically hiring masked thugs to this end.[4] With the help of her allies in the Nightfallen, Ly'leth would succeed in rooting out and putting a stop to these attacks.

Notes and trivia

  • The symbol of House Stelleris is a silver crescent.[5]
  • Coryn Stelleris is the only named member of the Stelleris family in-game.
  • The name "Stelleris" likely comes from the Latin stellaris, an adjective describing a relation to stars.


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